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It’s the most wonderful, stressful time of the year!

By December 15, 2010 One Comment

This post is made by Kim, one of Dustin’s contributors.

Christmas To-Do lists waiting to be done, combined with stressful days at work, laundry to do and homework to help with, too much sugar and not enough rest… Whatever the reason you may be feeling stressed out, know that you are not alone and there are ways to de-stress and feel better.

I had one of these days today, but I’ve been around exercise long enough to know exactly what I needed.  I jumped on the treadmill and did burst training

Fifteen minutes of intervals on the treadmill with ACDC on the Ipod was just what it took to ease my mind and relax me enough so that I felt like a human again!  If you don’t have a treadmill, don’t worry!  You can do this type of training with a jumprope, or just good old-fashioned calestetics.  Anything that gets your heartrate up high and completely wears you out in 30-45 seconds.  Do it 6-8 times!   Try burpees!  This is the type of cardio that Dustin teaches us in the Fit Moms For Life dvds.  It’s effective for burning fat and effective for relieving stress, and alot better for  you than digging in to the cookie jar!