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6 Holiday Health Strategies

By December 13, 2010 7 Comments

Hello ladies! I’m super excited to be able to add value to you through Dustin’s website. Today I’m going to be giving some of the best strategies to maximize your health and well-being throughout the holidays. We are going to touch on how to stay skinny and perhaps even lose weight throughout the holidays! But first I’d like to let you know a few quick things about myself and why I’m qualified to give a few pointers on the subject.

I initially met Dustin online after stumbling upon his website and contacting him. He called me back and we’ve been incredible friends ever since! Not only is he a great guy with character and integrity, but he’s also on a mission to transform the health of the world like myself. I personally graduated with my doctorate from the most prestigious health and wellness school in America- Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.  I then developed and built a bio-nutrional and detoxification program in the largest health center in the world in Orlando Florida. It quickly became one of the largest and most successful nutrition and detoxification businesses in America serving thousands of people a week and receiving international recognition. I hired and trained another doctor to take over my day to day operations as I focused on creating seminars to educate doctors on how to implement the same systems to deal with “the 21st century disease epidemic”. Since then I’ve spoken at seminars around the world and have created an international online health center whose mission is to educate people on how to live in The New Health Model.  I educate people via seminars, webinars, online consultations and programs. I’m just getting started with this and let me tell you, it’s been so much fun!

So enough about me, how about we talk about the most advanced holiday health strategies shall we? First of all, what are we faced with over the holidays? We’re faced with lots of sugar, processed foods and delicious drinks. We are faced with “food pushers.” A “food pusher’s sole purpose is to get you to eat their high-glycemic dishes. Typically they’re the people that we love the most! We are also faced with a lack of time as the holiday season can be extremely busy  and stressful. We have long to do lists full of shopping, gift wrapping, cooking and holiday parties to attend. Isn’t this the truth ladies? Absolutely.

So what can we do about this?

Here are a few recommendations for you:

  1. Go Nuts! Carry a bag of raw nuts in your purse. Eat nuts prior to any food or beverage that is high in sugar or alcohol. The fiber and fat of the nuts will decrease the glycemic impact on your body. Almonds are a great option!
  2. Set goals! Write down 2 big long-term health goals, and 3 goals that you want to achieve by the end of December. Put this in on an index card and bring it with you to all your Christmas parties. Ex: Long-term goal = My body fat is 18% by June 2011/ I have followed Dustin Mahers’ Fit Moms For Life DVD every week. Short-term goal = I have worked out 2x’s a week throughout the Christmas holidays/ I am 2 lbs lighter by December 31st
  3. Jot Journal. A jot journal is a quick journal entry that takes less than 2 minutes a day. It’s a journal describing what you ate and did as far as your health in a given day. Research shows that if you journal during the holidays you don’t gain weight!
  4. If You’re Going To Drink… Then drink wine and sip it! The only hard alcohol to have if you’re going to have it is pure distilled vodka such as Gray Goose with sparkling water and lime. Make your glass last as long as possible. Stay away from the liqueurs and anything with an umbrella period! Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water per every 1 glass of alcohol.
  5. Start To Fill Up. If you know that you’re going to be going to a Christmas party that has a ton of “naughty” food, then fill your stomach with healthy food, snacks or a shake at home before you go. This will decrease the desire for the unhealthier food choices at these parties.
  6. 3-Polite Bite Guideline. So if you’re going to have some Christmas goodies savor them after you’ve eaten your main course or your nuts and keep it to 3 polite bites. Then throw the rest out. If the person that made the food sees you simply say, “I’m quite satisfied, I think a button may pop off my pants if I eat another bite. It was absolutely delicious! Great job.”
  7. Plan A Reward. Reward yourself with something substantial once you’ve followed the plan. Tell your significant other or accountability partner.

I hope this helps you  navigate through the holiday season. If you  like this post then share it on facebook with your friends!

May God bless you over this holiday season and may you remember that Christmas isn’t just about gifts and food, but it’s about true life through authentic relationships with our loved ones and being grateful for truly how blessed we are.