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Exercise and Fitness Trends For 2011

By December 12, 2010 4 Comments

Each year I like to make predictions about how people are going to exercise and get in shape, and what fitness trends are going to be hot.  Click here to check out last years predictions.

My predictions are based off of my own personal experiences, talking with hundreds of fitness professionals from around the world, reading all the fitness professional trade journals, and looking at where we are currently.  Many of my predictions last year still hold true for this year.

Here are my predictions:

Bootcamps: Bootcamps, which have exploded the past 3-4 years, will continue to be one of the hottest trends, because of the incredible fat burning workouts, affordable prices, access to a trainer, camaraderie, and fun!  Unfortunately, many bootcamps popped up all over that were run by inexperienced trainers looking to make a quick buck; but, fortunately, those will be shutting down.  The fitness consumer is much more savvy now, and by using the internet the great programs can be compared to the not so great programs, and the differences will become obvious.  I have already seen this in Madison, with a couple of the bigger bootcamp programs shutting down.  Average bootcamp classes usually cost between $8-$17.50 across America.  Click here to check out my Fit Fun Bootcamps 10 indoor locations.

DVDs: Home workout DVDs will still be very popular, although I don’t know if as popular as last year with the explosion of P90X and Insanity.  I have found most people who go through these programs do the 8 or 12 weeks and stop with the DVDs.  The challenge is to figure out a way to keep people motivated after the initial program is done.  This is why I am trying to create 1000’s of Fit Moms For Life Communities so people can meet in homes, schools, or churches, to either do the workouts or just keep each other accountable.  I believe this model will be highly successful because I care more about the long-term impact I can leave on a person and a community rather than how much money/dvds I can sell up front.  (Think infomercials).  If you want to try out one of my DVD programs for the lowest financial investment, I recommend my Got Core DVD: eight 15-minute workouts done on the stability ball.  Another program is the Fit Moms For Life DVDs, you can try the first month for just the cost of shipping.  Click here to learn more.

Higher level of fitness professional: Personal training as a fitness career is still a very young and new path.  Until recently, most trainers were men in their early 20’s in college looking to make a few extra dollars on the side.  Now the standards are much higher and the consumer expects a higher level of service, expertise, and results.  Being able to research online and find the top trainers who are getting the best results is going to become easier and easier.  People will be willing to pay extra to work with the best.

Exercise for stress relief: There has been such a strong focus on weight loss (rightfully so), but exercise is such a powerful tool for reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression.  People will begin to realize that (in many cases) more drugs are not the answer, instead eating proper foods and exercising is the answer.  Losing weight is great, but the other added benefits of exercise are even more transforming.

Personal Training: Although the economy is far from fully recovered, people are feeling better about their finances and are putting more of their disposable income into their bodies and health.  There will be a little more money for people to hire a personal trainer, which is one of the most expensive fitness investments, but can help tremendously.  Even at my steep $150/session rate, I don’t have any available openings, but my girlfriend Abby, who is a full time trainer has a couple spots available.  She can also do long distance coaching over the phone and internet.  You can email her directly at if interested, spots are limited and she will send you the application questions.

Small group training: People who want the feel of a bootcamp, but want to spend more on a trainer, can do small group training in groups of 3-6.  Average session costs are between $25-$60/session in most markets.  I also don’t have any small group training available, but again Abby does some small group training.

TRX: TRX will continue to gain momentum because of the highly structured business that TRX is running and the various certification programs that are out there.  TRXs are nice for traveling.  Click here to learn more about TRXs.

Kettlebells (KB): KBs have been around for a long time but have never gone mainstream like they have the past year, and will continue to become more popular in bootcamps, gyms, and at home.  Click here to read a post I did on kbs and a video demonstration.

Corporate Wellness: One of the largest expenses for a business is paying their health care for their employees.  More companies are going to see the cost-saving benefits of either offering onsite fitness, off site gym memberships, or online memberships.  Fit employees are less sick and more productive employees which improve the businesses bottom line.  One of my visions is to have a really great membership site that I can give discounts to corporations who pay or subsidize the online membership to their employees.  If you work in a corporate setting, I enjoy giving keynotes and ‘lunch and learns.’  Use the contact form on this website to contact me about speaking opportunities.

Kids programs:  Childhood obesity is still one of the scariest problems I see today, and it isn’t getting better.  Classes and programs focused at getting kids moving will still be very popular.  But I am a firm believer that it is much more important to get the mom (and dad) in shape and living healthy before they can expect their child to do the same.

Diabetic Programs: If I wanted to go into a business for the sole purpose of making money, I think I would go after the diabetic population; the numbers of people who are getting diabetes is STAGGERING.  The sad part is, it is SO easy to get rid of.  One of the biggest loser contestants named Fredo came on the show, taking 80 different pills and 6 shots a day to manage his diabetes.  After only 2 WEEKS of eating healthy and exercising, he was diabetes free and didn’t have to take any shots!  So, programs that address insulin resistance and include exercise will become more common, especially in clinical settings.  Just getting rid of processed carbs can cure it for many people.

Increase awareness of strength training: Although I wish we were already there on this one, only about 20% of the population is doing any sort of consistent resistance training program and that needs to change.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the “woman bulking up” myth will ever go away completely, but I do believe that the new hot thing will be a strong, yet still feminine physique.

Burst training/interval training: I was one of the first to start talking about burst training about 2 years ago, and it has steadily increased since then. My video on burst training on youtube has more than 15,000 views from people searching more about the subject.  As marathons continue to be popular, more people will realize that it isn’t a very effective way of losing weight, and will get frustrated when after their race, they will get a good amount of weight.

Online programs: Technology continues to improve as does high speed internet, soon people are going to be watching their computer programs on their TV, and will be able to stream video from the computers onto their TVs.  This is going to allow more fitness and nutritional information to be given at a cheaper and more prolific rate.

Smart phones: Phones are going to continue to be a resource people utilize to get in shape, whether that is by bringing their phones to the gym and following along with the exercises, or going to the grocery store and using apps that load the nutritional information of everything you are buying.  Phones are going to make our lives more convenient and give us no excuse for not knowing how to do an exercise, or what foods to eat.  Click here to read about some of the Apps that are helping fight fat.

Now it is your turn, do you agree or disagree with any of my predictions?  Are there any you would like to add?  I look forward to your feedback.