As with most things in life, things come and go.  In fitness right now kettlebells might be the fastest growing trend.  Kettlebells have been around for well over 50 years but they have resurfaced as a great way to get in shape.  We use kettlebells at some of our Fit Fun Bootcamps locations in Madison, WI.  Kettlebells have a handle that is fat with a canon looking ball on the end.  Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells are as stable and require additional effort to control.

Check out this video I did on CBS showing some of the exercises that can be done with kettlebells.

She did a great job demonstrating the exercises.  Click here to check out a previous post I did about Sue’s transformation.  She followed that up with a part 2 on what she eats, click here to check that out. I have trained Sue for about 2 years in my small group training (which I don’t offer anymore due to a long waiting list), as well as my Fit Fun Bootcamps and Got Core DVDs.  She is in the best shape of her life right now and heavy resistance training and a lot of hardwork on Sue’s part is to blame for the transformation.

Kettlebell exercises:

-One arm kettlebell swings

-Two are kettlebell swings

-Alternating arm kettlebell swings

-Lunge through the leg transfers

-bicep curl to shoulder press

-Oblique triangle  hold

If you haven’t heard about kettlebells yet, I am pretty confident that in the next couple years they will build more momentum up in the next few years.