Challenges and Obstacles, Part 2

By December 3, 2010 3 Comments

This is Roger, a contributor to this blog. 

I’ve been doing bootcamp since June 14, 2010. I’ve lost and maintained a weight loss of about 12 pounds. The truth is that it should be more. That being said, the problem here is not Dustin. He has given me all the tools. I just haven’t taken advantage of them. So my challenge to myself now is to take those tools and see what I can really accomplish.  

I enjoy bootcamp so I’ll continue to go three days a week. On the other days I usually bike or use the treadmill. Occasionally I put together my own bootcamp type workout and that actually makes me work much harder. This is one area where I must  continually push myself. I much prefer the group workouts because when I work out alone, I find that when I get tired I let myself off the hook easily. No way will Dustin and his instructors do that. They encourage me to keep trying to go just further (but not emergency room further). 

I also am challenging myself to eat better and smarter. My first step: start keeping a food journal. Two summers ago I had a class reunion and a niece’s wedding approaching. I started journaling with my wife and lost 23 pounds. After the wedding I told myself that I could keep track in my mind. Yeah, right. That worked.  Therefore,  back to journaling. Probably not the best time of year to do that, but on the other hand,  it is probably the best time of year to do it. With all this food available, it will help me to see exactly how I am indulging myself. Fortunately we are not the type to have a great deal of cookies and other treats around the house. Unfortunately, being a teacher who sees students from kindergarten through fifth grade, I receive many different goodies all through the holiday season. It’s a temptation! 

My biggest obstacle and challenge though…soda. I love my evening soda. One a day. Some days it’s only 1/2 a soda but it’s pretty much daily. Now this bad habit I attribute to the television show Bewitched

Dang that Darrin!

As a product of a television generation, much of what I saw on tv formed my impression of what I should strive for in the future. One of my favorite shows was Bewitched and I watched it enthusiastically every Thursday night. Darrin, the husband, was a pretty successful advertising executive (but kind of an idiot! Who wouldn’t let their wife use her magic? You’d never be late for work!) . I saw him come home at the end of each work day, wearing a suit, briefcase in hand, and he’d have a martini. Okay, I thought, that is how a successful guy acts. Hence, early in my teaching career I would dress very nicely for work. However, since my first teaching assignment was with first graders I learned that was a very bad idea. I did have a briefcase though. My brother gave me an extremely nice one when I graduated from the University of Michigan and to celebrate my first teaching  job. I got the darn thing stolen on a trip to California. Never bothered to replace it. Finally, no martinis. Due to bad history in my family I just flat out decided I would never be a drinker of “spirits”. So instead of my martini, I have a soda each night to relax. That is going to be quite the challenge for me to give up soda. Thanks to others on this blog, I see that it can be done and I’ll give it a shot.

So there you have my challenges. I’ve laid them out in this blog to keep myself accountable for meeting them. But just think. If I had married a witch, she could just cast a spell on me and I would be able to meet them all! What was Darrin thinking?