I Need Your Help! (Lara)

By November 30, 2010 3 Comments

Hi it’s Lara again. I am writing to you again right away but since two weeks went by after my first post I am making up for lost time here!

Today I was trying on a couple new outfits I bought over the weekend, one of them being a holiday outfit. Though the clothes fit, they would definitely look better if I dropped a few inches off my middle! I have always been frustrated in the past when I struggle with getting the numbers on the scale to go down and I was really thinking about why. I know that I can do it,  I lost 5 lbs in two weeks easily on the Fat Flush food plan Dustin put together with Tracie Hittman but fell off the bandwagon and gradually slipped into my old ways of eating. I decided I needed somebody to hold me accountable on my food plan- I decided that I need to put my goals out there for all to see! So- just like I needed my bootcamp friends keeping me from skipping my workouts- I also need you to check in with me and see how well I’m following my eating plan!

For me, I have struggled with keeping up with regular exercise when I have no one to check in with me. Bootcamp works so well because I know if I don’t show up somebody’s going to ask where the heck I was! I think I really must need the same approach with food. I know what I’m supposed to be eating. I have the knowledge, I have the recipes. But for whatever reason I just don’t end up holding myself to it. Here’s where you come in! I really, REALLY need all my friends to help me out on this one. I am putting a “food” goal out there and I need you to hold me accountable! Ask me what I had for lunch. Ask me if I’ve been drinking a ton of water. Ask me if I’m following the food plan. I’m serious guys- I need you to do this! The more I think about it, the more I think this is the answer for me. I just need to be held accountable!

Here are my goals outlined for all to see. (Ok this part really scares me. I have to admit I debated on whether to put a concrete goal out there for fear I would pick a totally unachievable number and set myself up for failure.) But I think I need to do this.

By December 25th I will have lost 8 lbs. I hope this is a reasonable goal- who knows maybe I can lose more?!?!

This is how I’m going to do it.

1. I will continue to attend bootcamp regularly.

2. I will drink a gallon of water a day.

3. I will follow the Fat Flush plan 90% of the time, allowing for the occasional “treat” so I don’t feel deprived and throw in the towel.

4. In order to follow the Fat Flush plan I will need to plan ahead for the meals, which means having the fresh fruits/veggies on hand and prepping for the meals ahead of time. (After analyzing why I fell off the bandwagon before, I’m sure it is because I simply didn’t take the time to plan ahead and ended up being forced to eat whatever what around.)

5. I will search online and come up with some new gluten-free recipes that are heavy on the vegetables so that I don’t get bored with the same thing.

Even as I write this, I am really scared. What if I fail? What if something happens and even though I try my best I don’t lose any weight? What if I end up looking like a idiot to everyone who read this blog? But you know what… I have to turn these “what-ifs” around. What if I COULD lose the weight? What if I could look great in my new clothes? What if I could lose weight during the holidays instead of gain? What if I could finally be proud of a photo somebody takes of me instead of hating how I look? For so many years I have yearned for this. For so many years I have hated my body, hated how I looked, avoided looking in mirrors. For so many years I haven’t allowed myself the good “What-ifs”. Because allowing myself to hope for success just made it even more painful when I didn’t get there. Then I became afraid to dream and set goals the next time around. But I’m going to ignore this stupid little voice inside my head telling me not to put a goal out there because I might fail in front of all these people. I am throwing caution to the wind and I’m going for it!

So in closing I’d like to remind all my fellow McFarland bootcampers (And other friends!) to help me stick with this food plan. Talk to me at bootcamp, write on my facebook wall, send me an message, write a comment here.  I’ve appreciated all the help I’ve gotten from my friends keeping me accountable in the exercise realm- Now I need you to help me with the food!