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Replace 7 Non-Value-Added “Foods” in 7 Days with Healthier Alternatives

By November 29, 2010 10 Comments


    Shelly’s Simple Suggestions    

    Shelly K, contributor to Dustin's blog

    Yesterday I went to buy a few groceries and one of the things on my list was REAL maple syrup.  I have been eliminating processed foods from my kitchen as best I can for a while now.  Eating “whole” is pretty standard for me now (with planned cheat times), but the hardest part in the household are things I exposed the kids to in an effort to get the healthier foods in, like syrup, ranch dressing, breaded chicken, dried fruit, etc.  I have been successful in replacing whole grain for white in some cases, sauteed chicken for breaded, healthier bars for cereal bars, less chips, more nuts/seeds, etc.  But challenges remain.  I continue to try to swap things out without alienating the kids from their comfort zone.  Here is what I’m working on right now.    


  • Out with The Old

    In with the New

    Less white rice, more wild rice an other whole grains (quinoa, buchwheat, kasha

  • Minimize mayonnaise -> Substitute greek yogurt   

  • Less Canola/Vegi oils -> More coconut or olive oil 
  • No more cereal bars (not shown) -> Replaced with Cliff mini bars, kidz bars
  • Minimize chip other fatty dips (a treat for the holiday weekend) -> Maximize hummus with crackers, veggies, whole wheat pita, falafel
  • Eliminate fake syrup & sugars -> Use real maple syrup
  • Dump the processed ranch dressing ->  Make home-made ranch dressing with herbs experimenting with greek yogurt, milk
  • No chewy “fruit snacks” (I have never purchased these) -> Serve applesauce no sugar added, dried fruits with no sugar added in moderation (fresh/frozen is better)



 Here are a few others to think about:     

  • Eliminate any beverage in a can, bottle or carton (except milk) pretty much-> Drink tap water, milk
  • Stop using fake butter -> Use real butter
  • Replace chips with ->raw nuts/seeds (or even roasted), some healthy crackers
  • Beware of frozen entrees -> Cook from frozen lean meat, frozen/fresh plain veggies
  • Elinate most of what you might “take a handful/spoonful of” that isn’t healthful (e.g. ice-cream, candies, super-processed salty snacks), Replace with mini carrots, nuts/seeds, string cheese, finger fruits (e.g. grapes, apples, bananas)
  • So many more…..

For some of you, I’m guessing your cupboard might be filled with culprits of the not-so-good American diet, while others may be saying, I’m already there with the healthful stuff.  We can all benefit from both types by sharing how we move healthfully forward.    

So are you up for the challenge?  Rid your kitchen of 7 non-value added “foods” and replace them with 7 healthful alternatives.    

Tells us what your 7 changes are!