The Happiness Factor (Lara)

By November 28, 2010 One Comment

I was thinking back over this past week with Thanksgiving and the long weekend filled with shopping and decorating for Christmas. Usually this time of year is extremely stressful for me with all the obligations the holiday brings but for some reason I am really happy going into this holiday season. Now that may seem like an odd statement if you don’t know me very well- but it’s true I usually tend to get stressed and bummed out when the weather turns cold. Actually this thought wasn’t one that just suddenly hit me this week- I have been much happier for quite awhile.

When I look at what is different this year I keep coming back to the same answer. This year, I have bootcamp! I really do think regular exercise is making the difference in my mood. Sure there are other good things going on in my life so I can’t give it 100% of the credit but I’d say it’s the largest factor. And I think the most interesting thing is, this year I have more activities in my schedule than I ever have before, and in the past a really busy schedule has just left me stressed out. I honestly think that the energy boost regular exercise has given me, enables me to get more done and still have time to relax at the end of the day and feel good that I’ve accomplished things.

I even have plenty of things that normally could make anybody unhappy- we have plenty of debt, my kids often fight with each other and don’t do what they’re told, I still have back problems and now my knees seem to be getting worse, I struggle with self confidence, and yes sometimes I argue with my husband! My life is far from perfect. And yet these things have not gotten me down- at least not for any great length of time. And in previous years the holidays have REALLY stressed me out- the end of warm weather, all the shopping, decorating, baking, christmas cards and never-ending obligations that the holidays can bring used to really make me into a modern-day scrooge. It’s amazing really when I compare my mood to that of previous holiday seasons- I’m usually very overwhelmed and unhappy during November and December.

The funny thing is, I would have never dreamed that bootcamp would have given me this perk. I knew I would have more energy, tone up, lose a little weight, and I suspected I would make friends too. But the mood elevation I have gotten is so amazing. Sure I’m still waiting for results in other areas, but it is so nice to see a difference in how much happier I am! I will take any victories I can get- I am living life and loving it!