Please Help Me Name My Book

By November 26, 2010 37 Comments
I have been talking for more than a year about getting a book written, and since attempt after attempt to make significant progress has not worked, I have realized that I need help with it.  So I have hired someone to help me write my first book. 
To say I am excited is an understatement!  Books have influenced my life in so many positive ways, and I am hoping my book will do the same.  I believe it will give moms hope who have lost all hope.  I believe it will give moms an exact blueprint they need to get in the best shape of their life.  I believe it will empower moms to make other big decisions in their life that they haven’t had the guts to make.  I believe the book will give moms permission to share their story of their journey towards health and empower other moms to start or continue their journey towards fitness.  Lastly, I believe that the book will provide even more igniting of the flame to get 1 million moms into the best shape of their lives by the end of 2015.

I need your help!!

I have a pretty good idea of the contents of the book, but I need a very powerful, catchy title, that will get people (and the media) talking.  We all know book titles are one of the most important parts of getting someone to read a book.
Here is the deal:
In the comments section below, please brainstorm as many names as you would like to submit, the more the better.  If yours is selected, you will of course receive one of the first copies of the book that I will sign, but I will also put you in the section of the book thanking whomever I will be thanking.
To give you a little idea of my focus or points of the book I will give you a couple bullets.
-Educate: I want to share the truth about exercise and nutrition
-Motivate: I want to motivate the moms to realize that they need to put themselves first and that they are worth it.  It is all about taking action.
Inspire: I want to inspire moms to build healthy communities in their towns, build authentic relationships with others, and give the moms permission to share their message to those that are around them struggling for the answer.
-I am going to be using tons of real life examples of my clients stories and transformations.
-My niche is obviously moms, that is what makes me unique.  I am struggling deciding if I should have something mommy related in the title, or stick with just women.  I am open to hearing both perspectives and ideas.
-One of the main purposes of the book will be to provide amazing groundbreaking ideas, and enough social proof that anyone reading BELIEVES that they can do it and wants to take immediate.  I next want that action to be able to get involved with a support group that is starting in their community, or if there isn’t one, have them start one.  Without community and changing the environment we surround ourselves in, this movement will not be as powerful as it could.
Be looking in a couple weeks, I will be asking if you feel like you have had a great transformation; body, mind, and spirit, and would be willing to be featured in my book.  There are many I will be personally contacting to ask, but I know there are so many of you reading this who have incredible stories to share about how you have been affected by the workouts, eating plans, and tips that have been shared on this site.
That is all I have.  Thank you SO MUCH in advance for brainstorming and writing as many titles (and subtitles if you want) as you can think of.  Feel free to send this to your friends who also enjoy brainstorming like this.