Giving Thanks

By November 24, 2010 2 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is Karen one of Dustin’s blog contributors.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to share the Top 10 things I am thankful for in 2010. I hope by sharing my list, it will encourage you to write down your Top 10. It is a lot easier and more fun to reach our goals with the help of others. Please take the opportunity this holiday week to thank those around you that have helped you reach your goals and make your life special.

It was a year of change for me professionally as I entered into a new career in personal training. It was an investment of time, energy and money to make sure I succeeded in becoming an ACE certified trainer.
1.  I am thankful to Dustin for mentoring, guiding and encouraging me to reach my goal. His patience, feedback and advice helped to give me the tools I need to be a successful. THANK YOU for taking a chance on me and sharing your passion for fitness.
2.  My whole family provided encouragement, support and lots of patience as I became certified and began working at 5:30 AM. I love that our three young daughters know what a burpee is and will show anyone that asks. My sister is always giving me new ideas from her fitness classes and my Mom and Mother in Law are always there to help when needed.
3.  Thank you to all the great people that allow me to help them reach their fitness goals. Waunakee bootcampers ROCK! To all my great friends at Supreme, thanks for helping me as I started out. Your feedback and encouragement were invaluable.  You are the best workout buddies.
4.  I am thankful to Lori Devine and her lifelong commitment to teach fitness. She instructed the ACE certification class I took that prepared me for the exam.

This summer my husband, Randy, was injured in a farm accident. A heavy piece of equipment fell on his foot, crushing it and causing severe, permanent damage to his three small toes on his left foot. After almost eight weeks sitting with his foot elevated, he had his three toes amputated.
5.  We are so thankful to his brothers and their families for all the extra work and sacrifices they made while he healed. Without such a great family, we wouldn’t have made it through this.
6.  Thank you to our family, friends, neighbors & acquaintances for all your help, gifts of food, lawn mowing, babysitting and constant prayers and thoughts.
7.  Thank you to our three girls for keeping things normal. One of our girls came home from school asking what made her unique. As we all listed things that made us unique, we decided that Dad was very unique because we didn’t know of any bald guys with glasses that have seven toes! Thanks for the smiles and laughs.

To wrap up my list,
8.  I am so thankful for my health. Come out to Fit Fun Bootcamp it keeps you healthy is my mantra. It is proven that right after exercise your immune system is higher, so keep working out to fight all those winter bugs.
9.  I am thankful to the Wisconsin Legislature for passing the first soccer goal safety law in the country this past April to protect the thousands of kids that play soccer in Wisconsin. My nephew was killed when a soccer goal unexplainably came down on him at practice. Visit www.anchoredforsafety.org to learn about the dangers of soccer goals.
10.  Last but not least, thank you to my husband Randy for his unconditional love and being the best partner I could ask for in raising our three wonderful, independent daughters.

If you made it through my long post, thank for hanging in there with me. Don’t forget to share your list as you visit with family over the holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!


PS  To my fellow shoppers. Shop til you drop on Black Friday!  Isn’t that why we workout so hard? So we have the stamina for this one day marathon shopping event?  Don’t forget to enjoy the experience, rejoice in any deals you get and don’t sweat the small stuff.  For me it is about being with family, finding a few deals and celebrating the joys of the season.