Hi, this is Katy one of Dustin’s blog contributors.  This time of year always gets me thinking about what I am thankful for, and this year I am most thankful for my new, healthy lifestyle.  Dustin did a blog post on my weight loss awhile back, but I didn’t go into detail on my struggle with the dreaded baby fat.

One year ago today, I delivered my 3rd child and was itching to change my life.  While I was pregnant both my mom & sister had lost over 30 lbs.  No one wants to be the fat one in the family, but I figured there wasn’t much I could do about it while I was pregnant.  It was hard when my sister would call me excited she had lost another couple pounds (while I had gained another couple).

I had tried to lose weight after my 2nd child was born.  I bought a treadmill and started running every night.  In high school, when I was fairly thin, I ran cross country, so I thought running would work.  Well, I would go for about 10 minutes and then I had to stop.  After about a month of no weight loss, I got shin splints from the treadmill and had to stop.  After that, the treadmill gathered dust.  I gave up, figuring I was just going to have another baby and gain it back anyways.

So, after my 3rd (and final) child, I was back in familiar territory, wanting to lose weight and having no clue how to do it.  I considered many options.  I knew a treadmill at home wasn’t going to work.  So, I considered a gym membership where I could go run on their treadmills (and probably face the same fate!)  Luckily, I posted my ambitions on Facebook, where a friend of mine suggested Dustin’s classes.  I was interested, but scared.  I’m not usually one who likes to try new things on my own, and I really didn’t want to work out with other people who were probably in much better shape than me.  However, the class was called MamaTone, so everyone there had to be struggling with baby fat, right?  After one class, I was hooked!  I couldn’t do a lot of things everyone else was doing, but I wanted to.  Within a very short time (probably a month), I was able to do many of the basic things I couldn’t do the first day of class.  And now, 10 months later, I grab the heavier weights and try to run the fastest speed.

Why am I telling you this?  If you’re still struggling with the baby weight, I know how confusing it can be!  I thought I knew what exercise was, I thought I knew what dieting was, I was WRONG!  Don’t give up hope!  At least if you’re reading this, you’ve taken a step in the right direction by finding Dustin’s blog.  Now empower yourself to do something about it!  When people ask me how I lost the weight, what’s my secret, I tell them diet and exercise (and Dustin, of course).  They seem disappointed that it’s not a pill or a quick fix, but it works!!  I am the same weight I was during my cross country prime, and quite possibly more fit!  The only evidence left that I have 3 kids is some stretch marks, but as Dustin says, it adds character.  🙂

How do you fight the baby fat?