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The SCALE: Moving from FOE to FRIEND!

By November 22, 2010 4 Comments

Blog post by Crystal M.—a contributor to

It's ok. Friendship is possible.

Let’s face it,  if you are one of the many millions of people trying to lose a significant amount of weight, you probably have experienced a love-hate relationship with your scale. Believe me, I have. When I first started Fit-Fun Boot Camp, I wanted to throw H.O.M.IE (my affectionate name for my Health-O-Meter scale!) out of the window. But today, H.O.M.IE and I are growing in our “friendship.” Like you must do with all friendships, you must learn what type of friend your scale is; what communication methods work with your friend; and how much influence you are going to let your friend have over you.

I have learned that H.O.M.IE is a “fair-weather friend”—she just is. We all have those friends—call when they want to, hang out when they want. Changes her opinions and thoughts in the presence of others, namely personal trainers and MDs—just plain inconsistent. Yet, you love her to pieces. H.O.M.IE does this same thing. Gives me good numbers, sometimes. Other times, she doesn’t. She is inconsistent in her statistical reporting and sometimes her numbers just don’t add up. Yep, she’s a fair-weather friend and I have, FINALLY, learned this about her.

I have also learned that H.O.M.IE and I CANNOT have a serious conversation EVERY DAY. We just can’t. It’s too much for her AND for me. So, we have agreed upon less regular meetings, about once a week or every 10 days, and that actually works better. It also helps in my annoyance at H.O.M.IE’s fair-weathered nature.

Lastly, I have learned that I CANNOT let H.O.M.IE influence how I think, feel, and act regarding my current nutritional journey. The fact of the matter is H.O.M.IE is one-sided, she doesn’t like to look at the full picture—she only sees the NUMBER. My nutritional journey is so much more than numbers. I try to help H.O.M.IE see this but she won’t listen. She LOVES numbers—its just in her nature and what she believes her purpose is. How can you argue with someone’s purpose? You can’t—but this is another reason why we can’t talk everyday.

When you come to learn how to identify with your friend, the scale, she moves from the enemy category to just a friend who deserves some understanding. For so long we have put so much pressure on our scale-friends, expecting them to give us what we want, when we want it. Understand your scale-friend and its purpose, don’t give the relationship too much power over you and your relationship can move from foe to friend.