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Navigating through a snow storm

By November 22, 2010 2 Comments

is alot like my journey to health and fitness.  Hi!  This is Kim, one of Dustin’s contributors!

We woke up this morning to a blanket of fresh snow.  I waited for the school bus to come, so I had a path to follow to work.  As I followed the path, I got to thinking how similar a path of fresh snow is to my journey to health and fitness. 

You see, this path I was following could have been made by someone who wasn’t heading in the same direction as I was, taking me somewhere I did not want to go.   Much like the friend or coworker, who encourages me to stray from my plan and eat the goodies that get brought in to work. 

Sometimes these paths in the snow, seem to go from one side of the road to the other, as if the person making them had no idea where they were going either.  These paths make it unclear where you are going and can sometimes lead you to go in to the ditch or get stuck.  When we follow a weight loss or fitness program that isn’t well suited for us, or that we have doubts about, it takes us longer to get where we want to be, or sometimes we get stuck and quit the program all together.  With luck, when we are stuck on the road, someone who knows where they are going and how to get us out helps us get back on the right path.   This is much like what Fit Moms For Life does for me, giving me a clear plan to follow and helping me out should I get “stuck” along the way.

What will you do when you find yourself on a snow covered road with no clear path to follow?  Will you wait until someone makes a path for you?  Will you wait a little bit, listen to the road report and make an informed decision about what’s right for you?  Will you take a chance and blaze your own trail or will you take each mile (or pound) slowly and carefully, trusting in the path and knowing it will get you where you are going safely?

During this season of “Thanks”,  I am thankful for the school bus driver, who got my kids to school safely and opened up a path for me to follow.  I am also thankful for Dustin and the Fit Moms For Life program, which keeps me on the right path on my journey to health and fitness, and also pulls me out of a “snow bank” from time to time!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!