Enough Of The Self Sabotage!

By November 21, 2010 3 Comments

This is Tracy, one of Dustin’s guest bloggers!

So many times in my weight loss journey I have convinced myself that I would never be successful at something, so why even try.  Sounds like self sabotage, I know.  I am really trying to work on that.

And, this week I accomplished something that I had fully convinced myself was not possible.  I QUIT drinking Diet Coke…..

To some reading this, you might think, “that couldn’t have been that hard.”  But, for someone who has had at least one if not three (or more) Diet Cokes every day for probably the last 20 years, I will let you, this was a HUGE accomplishment.  This has been one of those things that quite often in my journey, I have been told I should try to take out of my diet.  However, as I mentioned above, it was also one of those things I thought I could never do, again, self sabotage.

So, let me tell you a little about this week, and how I came to be 7 days DIET COKE FREE!  (I even love the sound of it!)

It was actually Monday morning as I was driving home from a very intense Mamatone  that I made the decision.  I was chugging my water as I was driving past McDonalds, home of the $1 large Diet Coke.  I was about to pull in, and I think I had Dustin in my ear or something, because I thought this is nuts, I just worked so hard at class, why go put that in my body?  So, I drove right by.  And I guess at that moment I made a conscious decision to try to go for it. Just like that!  To avoid a caffeine headache, I opted to drink a little green tea on Monday, but other than that, to be honest it wasn’t that hard.  I thought, hmm, may be this is easier than I thought.

Tuesday, I knew I had to start making myself accountable to people, so I told my husband and my best friend that I had given it up.  Their reactions were less than impressive.  My husband simply asked me, “WHY?”  (I told him because Dustin said I should, and again, I got a “WHY?”)  I knew that battle wasn’t worth it, so I dropped it.  My best friend just was like, “OK.”  I was like, really, aren’t you excited for me?  I don’t think either of them realized what a big feat this was going to be for me.  An internal battle I was determined to win. And with or without their excitement, I was very excited at my accomplishment.   Tuesday I also had a little caffeine through green tea, again to battle the headache. 

Wednesday was probably the worst day of them all, but I think it was also the day that I suffered my withdrawal.  I just could not wake up on Wednesday, so I was excited to go to Mamatone, thinking the workout would make me feel better.  That didn’t work either.  And throughout the day on Wednesday, I started to get shaky and sick to my stomach.  I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even function.  I even left my office early to go home and lay down.  It was then that I realized in many ways I was addicted to Diet Coke as well as the caffeine, and I was going to have to suffer some withdrawal symptoms to get over it.  However, the greatest thing happened on Wednesday night. I slept from 10pm until 6:45am solid, without waking up once.  I am one that is usually up for an hour or two in the middle of the night, every night.  I truly believe taking the majority of the caffeine out of my day helped accomplish this, and this made me more determined.

After Wednesday, the rest of these days have just seemed to pass by without issue.  I mean, I do want a Diet Coke when I wake up in the morning, but I really just push it to the back of my mind, and pour myself a glass of water or something.  If I really crave something other than water, I crack open a LaCroix.  Getting through the first couple days, now it just has become a habit (or lack of habit, I should say!)  I will say, I have tripled the amount of water I drink in a day now too, which is exactly what I know Dustin would have wanted me to accomplish by stopping the soda. 

Lastly, what I realized this week, is if I quit taking the easy way out of things, in this case being  too afraid to even see what would happen if I gave up Diet Coke, I might be able to accomplish a lot of things I didn’t think were possible.  Maybe it is time to bite the bullet and start training for that 5k I envision to be impossible!

What kind of things have you ”given up” and what do you think the positive impacts have been?  Who knows, maybe your successes will help me pick my next healthier habit!