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Be in the moment…

By November 19, 2010 2 Comments

Hi! This is Patty, one of Dustin’s blog contributors!

Texting, Tweeting, Facebook, etc. 

If you read my last blog about downsizing you’d see that I’m trying to downsize my life so that I can have more quality time with my family and be better at the things I do instead of doing a bunch of things I’m only doing so-so, just get it done.

Do you spend time on tweeting? Do you spend time on texting? How often are you on Facebook when there are more important things you can be doing?  I have often thought of closing my FB account and honestly the main reason I keep it active is to stay in touch with my FMFL group and keep encouring them, which in turn encourages me.  Do you phone in your nutrition?  Do you phone in your workouts? Sure – you are there, in your home, at bootcamp, or at your community FMFL group and doing the motions, but are you really there?  Are you thinking about the muscle you are working on with each exercise?  Are you getting quality time with your workout or could you work harder?  We don’t give ourselves much “ME TIME” so when you do have your time for YOU, make sure you are there – 100%.  Give it all you’ve got!

Today I’m having a hard time being ‘where I am’, ‘ in the moment’.  Why?  I am so excited thinking about Dustin and Abby in Vegas! 

So – are you in the moment?  Next workout – think about the muscle you are working instead of thinking what to make for supper that night.  Next time you are out with friends, put the Blackberry down and out of site – you have friends right in front of you wanting your attention.  Next time the kids are still awake, get off Facebook and pay attention to them.

What are your tips for being ‘in the moment’?