Set Back or Opportunity

By November 16, 2010 One Comment

What do you do when something gets in the way of your goals?  Give up, regroup?  I used to give up at least temporarily until things leveled out.  I’d put the DVDs back on the shelf, slide my weights to wall and push my ball out of the middle of the floor.  There everything would sit until whatever had gotten in my way was gone.Last week I wrote about the challenge of being in an uncontrolled environment.  I spent a long weekend at my parent’s home and  I am proud of how well I did making the best possible food choices.   I feel like I should be rewarded for doing so well, but it seems the cosmos have another idea.  I get this alot.  I set out with a plan and goals and BAM!  I get injured or one of the kids get sick or my husband interfers with my routine-the cosmos just love messing with me!

This time my back is out again.  It could have been a number of things that set it off, but instead of making excuses I will own up to the fact that a lifetime of poor choices get me everytime.

I am discouraged and I had a brief moment where I was ready to push the weights to the wall, but I decided to regroup and take this as an opportunity.  I sat with my coffee and my ice pack this morning and re-did my goals and my workout plan.  My timeline is stretched out a bit more and my intensity will be seriously modified.  My focus will be on strengthening my core so this won’t happen again!  In my food journal I wrote “I will give myself today to rest, tomorrow I will set out again with the intention of making it a brand new start and not looking back!”

What do you do to maintain momentum through an injury?