Food Challenge

By November 16, 2010 2 Comments

Hey, this is Melissa Kirby, one of Dustin’s contributors.

Why spend more money for free range, pastured, organic, in season, fresh food?

Quality! I challenge you to start thinking about the quality of food you are getting for your dollar, not the quantity.  The higher the quality of food you eat, the more you are giving your body what it actually needs, the less you need to eat.  Think about that for a minute…  Why is it that you can down an entire bag of chips or polish off a package of cookies and not feel full?  You didn’t give your body what it was asking for.  Your body feels satisfied when it gets the nutrients it needs to function well.  So pay attention to how you feel when you eat nutrient dense food compared to empty calories.  It may not be a huge difference but I bet you’ll notice the overall quantity of food it takes for you to feel full depends on the quality of the food you are eating.

Give this a try.  What did you observe?