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How to Create a Motivating Plan to Get or Keep Fit

By November 13, 2010 No Comments

This article is written by Caroline, a contributor to Dustin’s blog.

When it comes to keeping up my workout routine, whether it’s getting to one of Dustin’s Bootcamp sessions or working out to his Fit Mom’s For Life DVD’s, I’ve realized that it’s a combination of things that keeps me coming back day after day year after year.    I didn’t realize what a mix of things it was until I was reading an article by John C. Maxwell about principle-centered planning.  While working out or keeping a good nutrition plan may not be a project in and of itself, the same ideas still fit.  

Here’s the principles and how I’ve seen them work with my fitness and nutrition goals:

  1. Passion – Identify your passion.  I love to read and learn more about how I can get a better workout.  Similarly I’m passionate about food and how I can make  the best food choices to support my body and ultimately my health.  There’s  a great sense of power in knowing that  I’ve given it my all during a workout.
  2. Creativity –  Be creative.   As mentioned above, I’m passionate about food and I love to experiment with new recipes and figure out how to make them more healthy.  What ingredients can I substitute in a recipe and still get great flavor?  Things as simple as substituting white flour with whole wheat pastry flour, coconut oil for other oils, or adding flavor with spices instead of salt. 
  3. Influence – Create relationships with influencers.  Building relationships with people who are passionate about the same things as I am.  They hold me accountable to my commitment and we help hold each other up when a little bit more encouragement is needed. 
  4. Priorities – Set priorities.  I’ve kept working out a priority in my life.  For me I’ve always been an early riser so working out in the early morning before work is best for me.  Sometimes people give me a weird look when I tell them I get up at 4AM to workout, but it works for me and gives me a great start to my day.  There’s nothing better than starting the day knowing I’ve done something really important to me.
  5. Flexibility – Be flexible.  When my schedule gets overly packed with obligations, especially during the holidays, that’s when I pull out all stops and combine creativity with flexibility.   It’s when I look at all options for getting a workout in and eating healthy when at all possible.  It’s taking advantage of breaks during work for a walk; it’s putting in a workout DVD vs. going to the gym; it’s making sure I have healthy snacks with me.
  6. Timing – Take time to plan.  In relationship to timing, it’s making sure I’m clear on what’s important to me so I can make the best choices.  I take time to write down what’s important to me and think ahead to where the challenges may come in.  I’m thinking now about the holidays coming up and how I can make my through them while keeping my weight where I want it to be.  I’ve traditionally put on a few pounds over the holiday, but that’s one tradition I don’t care to keep up.  🙂
  7. Teamwork – Find or create your own team.  Even though I often work out alone in the morning, I will often be thinking about all the other people working out during that time.  It’s not uncommon for me to push myself a bit harder knowing that those of you at one of Dustin’s bootcamps are getting pushed to work out just a little bit harder…  It keeps me pushing me myself when I may be inclined to not go the extra mile. 

What keeps you motivated day to day?  I would love to know.