The Beginning of My Journey (Lara)

By November 12, 2010 4 Comments

Hi there- This is Lara, another blog contributor! I apologize this first post may be a bit long but I want to tell everyone my history and how I got to where I am today. My blog entries are most likely going to be my journey, as I live it. I hope that everyone can find some common ground with me and share in my experiences.

As I kid I was actually very skinny, and though I wasn’t a star athlete I participated in ice hockey, and later in high school, volleyball and track. At that time I never could have imagined I would be battling weight later in life- I was the awkward one that was teased and ridiculed for being “too skinny” and “flat-chested”. In college I started gaining weight and I clearly remember the very first time somebody made a comment about it. I had gone to the college graduation party of a high school friend, and her mother said to me in front several people, “Oh Lara, you look so much better now that you’ve gained weight!” As you can imagine I was mortified, even though she meant well.

Fast forward a few years, my husband and I joined a local gym and we actually became very dedicated at working out, usually 5 days a week. This was the only time in my life previously that I had a solid habit of working out, and it lasted for a couple years. Then I got pregnant and had two kids pretty close together so between nausea from morning sickness to back pain and then a new baby… well that was history! Plus we moved so we no longer had access to a gym close by.

For  years I tried desperately to get my mojo back, but I just couldn’t stick to anything. My weight kept climbing, and I hated how I looked. I made my husband stop taking pictures of me with my children. (Looking back I really regret that now.) On top of everything else, I have battled back pain for 12 years now, and though exercise was probably what I needed, lying down was the only thing that provided immediate relief. Of course being inactive meant more weight gain. I went through a dark period after my third child was born, I think a combination of post-partum along with low self esteem due to my weight.

Over the years since then, I tried different diets including Weight Watchers, various home exercise videos, and several fitness clubs and classes. Each time I was gung-ho in the beginning but after a couple weeks quickly lost interest. I longed for the days when I had my husband as my workout partner keeping me accountable, but after children it was just too difficult for us to go together. Finally in late April a friend told me about Dustin’s bootcamp and suddenly I felt like this was IT! She talked about the social aspect of working out with other people, how nice everyone was and how they keep each other accountable. So I started in May, and even though it was really tough in the beginning, I started to love it. It was beginning to feel normal for me to work out again- I was getting into a great groove and it felt weird if I didn’t exercise!

I did get derailed for a while after pulling a muscle mid-summer so this set me back about 2 months. But I got back at it in October and even though I’m still sore and it’s been a struggle, I feel like I’m finally getting back into the habit again.

I’m excited to continue on this journey- I’m grateful I finally found a program I can stick with. The friendship, the accountability, the fun of working out while laughing with a great group of people- it’s exactly the combination I needed. I do not have a success story to share yet. But I know I am going to have one someday!