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Eating for fuel, not pleasure or comfort

By November 11, 2010 6 Comments

Hello fellow fitness seekers! I am Lori, one of Dustin’s bloggers. I would like to share some of my struggles and strategies on my journey to healthier eating…….For myself, many good childhood memories are wrapped up in food. I suspect that is the case for many of us who struggle with extra pounds. We may have memories of going for ice cream after family events and associate it with a warm, fuzzy feeling of love and togetherness…..or a memory of baking cookies with Mom and feeling close to her, happy and comforted. When we feel bored, lonely or just too busy to really take good care of ourselves, we sometimes turn to food for the comfort and pleasure that we are missing. 

In our crazy, busy lives of full time jobs, children to nurture, spouses to try to spend alone time with, relationships and friendships to tend to, meals to cook, homes to take care of and sooo many responsibilities, we have to figure out a way to nurture, comfort and take good care of ourselves too. And we must do it without falling back to the seemingly quick fix of giving into pleasure foods. These “comfort foods” bring us good feelings quickly and easily, but they hurt us so much in the long run. AND they pass on horrible eating habits to our precious children!! We have to learn to resist that pull of immediate gratification.

We must MAKE more “me” time doing healthy, positive things that we enjoy in our lives….a massage, reading a great book, an exhilarating workout, taking time to enjoy cooking and eating a healthy meal….there are so many non food related ways that we can nurture ourselves. Let’s work on that together……

The other night I was done with dinner and thought about eating a few marshmallows for a little treat/dessert. I stopped myself and had a little inner dialogue with myself “do you really NEED marshmallows? They are not good for your body”…and guess what, I did NOT have any marshmallows that night!! This was big for me…..most of the time I give in pretty easily to food related temptation.  Let’s concentrate on our successes and try to duplicate them the next time instant  gratification tempts us…..

In what ways have you broken away from eating for pleasure and comfort? In what ways do you nurture yourself without food? (hopefully some FREE ways to nurture yourself, because, let’s face it, in this economy, most of us cannot afford to go in for a massage once a week or even once a month!) Let’s get creative with our ideas and pass them on!

Have a HEALTHY WEEKEND and I will try to do the same!!!!  🙂