You can always start on monday

By November 10, 2010 3 Comments

(From contributor Kris)

I heard that alot growing up.  I also heard “you have been so good, you can afford to have that (insert any sugary treat)”.  I am old enough to stop blaming my parents for my weight issue, but it’s a fact that we learn coping behaviors very early on and it’s hard to shake them when we are older.

Last year my husband went overseas with the military and I was determined to lose weight for his homecoming.  I would do really well all week and then spend the weekend with my parents.  I obviously didn’t lose any weight while he was gone, but I did manage not to gain.  The exercising I was doing and the healthy eating mon-thurs was only balancing out my splurging from fri-sun.  What a way to live-I was working way too hard just not to get any fatter!

I thought I was doing enough and I became very discouraged and gave up (again).  I was waiting for that magical monday to come around when it would all fall into place-after all, my mother always told me there would be one. 

It’s funny how the mind works.  I am facing a weekend at my parent’s along with a banquet where I have no idea what is being served.  I got nervous because I have been on the right track this week.  I have picked up my workouts again, I have stuck to my nutrition plan and by tomorrow afternoon I will be out of my controlled environment for 4 days- plenty of time to undo any changes I have made this week.  Then I realized that the holidays were coming up and I would be doing more visiting and maybe I should just wait until the first of the year and start then…..

Hello!?  Do we see a pattern here?

There is no magically monday (I am as upset as anyone by this!).  But what do I do now?  I know what I want, but all this other stuff will get in my way.  This shift in attitude is completely new to me, but I think I should take control.  I can choose NOT to eat 3 fudge rounds sitting in the kitchen with my mother, I can choose to half my portion of starchy carbs at the banquet (or trade for my husbands veggies), and I can share a small dessert with my daughter (who hates to eat unhealthy food) at the upcoming holiday dinners.  Hum….what a concept-control over what I choose to do…I said this was new to me 🙂

Attitude shift-check, next stop Goal setting.

Have a great weekend everyone!