This post is made by Kim, one of Dustin’s contributors:

What can you accomplish in 8 weeks? 

1.  Break a bad habit

2.  Complete 2  FMFL  dvds

3.  Lose a jean size

4.  Complete a Couch to 5k program

5.  **Insert YOUR goal here**

Eight weeks (roughly the time between today and 2011) might seem like a long time when you are trying to reach a goal, but if you break it down into weekly goals, (like writing down which days each week you will exercise) or even daily goals, (like committing to journaling your food intake for just one day), the time goes by pretty fast! 

What goes by even faster is 8 weeks of putting your goals off, saying to yourself “I’ll start next week”, and before you know it, that same period of time has passed and you have accomplished nothing, or maybe even put your goals farther away.

My FMFL groups  recently started an 8 week challenge, and we will be focusing on this through the end of the year.  We know we are up for some big hurdles with the holiday season in the middle of it.  But, what a great feeling to wake up on New  Years Day,  having already met our New Years Resolutions! 

What can YOU accomplish in just 8 weeks?   Don’t put it off!  Start today!