A Healthy Workplace is a Happy Workplace

By November 8, 2010 5 Comments

Hey everyone, it’s Margaret A., one of Dustin’s contributors. For my first blog I am going to write about the struggles I face at work with regards to eating healthy. Dustin has stressed over and over again how the choices we make about our friends and activities affect how we look.  We’ve been asked, do your friends make you fat? But what do we do when we’re at work and our choices are limited?

I am sure that you can agree that people are always bringing food into the workplace, whether it’s to celebrate a holiday or birthday, a potluck, to make Monday easier, or just because. My workplace gets even trickier, but I am just going to talk about the first reason why I am constantly surrounded by unhealthy food.


Like I mentioned, people love bringing in food for all sorts of reasons. I am a teacher, and someone decided that this year it would be a good idea if 2-3 people volunteered to bring in a snack each Monday. So far the choices have been Halloween candy, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, juice, etc. You get the idea. I did have a discussion with a co-worker the week before it was her turn, and fortunately we both agreed that we could use a healthier snack. She actually brought in cut up veggies the next week, and guess what? They went just as quickly as the “yummy” treats.  As we go through the teacher’s lounge, we just want something to munch on. And let’s face it, as the work day goes on, and the more stressful it becomes, the less control we have over our cravings.

So here’s my question: What do you do when food is brought into your work environment? Even better, are you guilty of contributing to the food frenzy at work?