Hi! This is Patty M, one of Dustin’s bloggers!

Work * Laundry * exercise * church * school functions * volunteering * baseball * basketball * football * hockey * practice * games * quilting * scrapbooking * homework * sports camps * cooking * farming * gardening *The list goes on and on.  Where can we downsize our life besides our waists? 

Downsized  – a new tv show about a ‘Brady Bunch’ type family living the great life; two homes, vacations, expensive dinners out, etc.  I have yet to see an episode – it just started yesterday – but I don’t get a chance to watch much tv.  The previews though have made me think about what I can do to downsize life – to be able to live life.  I have 2 boys, 13 and 7.  They keep us VERY busy with sports and school. Very seldom is there a day where we don’t have to be somewhere.  But is this what we want?  I am making it a goal of mine today to think of where we can downsize.  I feel as though I’m not doing a good job at anything, just a mediocore – get it marked off the list kind of job.  Can scrapbooking wait until after the boys are grown and out of the house?  Yes! Can quilting be a hobby after the boys are grown and gone? Yes!  Downsizing can be a great thing – yes – on the waist line, but in life.  I want more time with my family when we are home – I want to be able to sit down and read a book with my 7-year-old and not be rushed to finish it.  I want to downsize so I have more quality time with my husband and kids; not to just be there, but to truly BE THERE in the moment.

Caroline had a great blog this week about more/less approach.   What can we do more of or less of to downsize and truly be where we need to be at that moment? 

Figure out what’s important:  For me – Quality time with my family and my health so I can enjoy my family. 

What can you downsize?