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Success Story, Are you ready to be one?

By November 6, 2010 3 Comments

(From Contributor Kris)

We all love a good success story.  We buy the magazines, we watch the TV shows and we search the web for inspiration.  We take it all in but then what?  Do we go back to our lives with a glimmer of hope that “someday”….or do we kick it into gear and make it happen?

 The answer to that question isn’t always a matter of willpower, it lies in our psyche.  There is a path that we follow as we make changes in our lives.  Dustin talks more about that here.

Most of us pick that magazine or type that keyword into our search engine are sitting at the Contemplation stage; we realize that we might need to make a change or two and we are looking for information that we can apply to our lives.  This is also the stage where we take a personal inventory and idenify possible barriers to getting started on our journey.  The key to getting to the next step is  to make a plan to overcome those barriers.  It might be as simple as setting the alarm to make it to Boot Camp or as complicated as revising the meals we prepare for our family.

Recently reading success stories stopped being  inspirational for me, they became more of a representation of what I failed to be able to do.  Put very simple I got stuck on the barriers.  As much as I tried to follow a diet that told me I had to eat a different meal than the one I made for my family or I had to eat foods that I didn’t enjoy-I failed.  I was ready to give up completely and then I noticed something.

The success stories that Dustin shares with his readers are all different.  These people follow the basic tenet of what he teaches; but there is not a cookie cutter plan that every one of his subscribers follows.  Some do their entire Fit Mom for Life DVD 3 days a week, some divide it up so they workout 5-6 days.  Some add additional activity to their boot camp workouts.  Some eat 4 meals a day, some eat 6-and (gasp!) some eat a small serving of starchy carbs with dinner and even have chocolate!  Each one has taken the lessons that Dustin teaches us and has applied them to their life in a way that they can manage; and that is why they have been a success.

There are so many ways to set about improving your lifestyle.  The only one that matters in the one that you can stick to.

What are some suggestions that you might be able to offer to someone who struggles with getting started?