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Getting Started and Enjoying the Process

By November 6, 2010 4 Comments

This post is from Carrie Headley, one of Dustin’s contributors.

“It will take me forever to lose all this weight!  No chocolate, no drinks, no real cheese, no dinners out for months!!  Go to the gym and attempt to workout with the people who are already skinny!!  Who needs that?”  Have you ever said something like this to yourself?  I have…many, many times.  The idea of “dieting” for months wasn’t a sacrifice I was ever ready to make.  So how did I finally join bootcamp and begin my journey?  Read on…

As for getting started, I am a believer that when the moment is right for you, you will take action. It so happens my moment was this summer. We moved into a new house this year that has a pool. Awesome, right!?! Not so much. I HATE wearing a swimming suit, even if there isn’t a single other person to see me. So I’m thinking to myself “Now I’ll be at home in the summer with my two daughters who want to go in the pool every day and invite friends over…friends who will come with their mom who is probably skinny!” After finally realizing I should be enjoying splashing in the pool with my kids rather than dreading it, I decided I needed a change. I found an article in Prevention about exercises to do while at the pool with your kids.  I was doing these exercises about two weeks when I was introduced to Dustin’s bootcamps  by a friend and knew I had to go for it! My bit of advice for when you are ready:  find something legitimate. Quick fixes are just that, they won’t sustain you for the long haul (believe me, I’ve tried). Find a good exercise program that suits YOU and really learn about nutrition and how to fuel your body.

I’ve tried lots of different weight loss programs through the years and although I wasn’t always successful at them, I usally always came away with a nugget of information that was helpful. I was told during one of my many endeavors to “enjoy the process.” Yeah right! Enjoy feeling hungry and deprived for weeks, eating fat-free food and missing out on dinner and drinks with my friends/family? All I wanted was to get to my goal weight and act normal again. I just didn’t get it, but now I do! In the past I was only making temporary changes with the sole purpose of a goal weight. Now I am slowly implementing permanent changes for the rest of my life. So this time around I am enjoying the process. Instead of focusing only on the number on the scale, enjoy:

  • how much better you feel
  • how much stronger you are becoming (more pushups, more laps, better times, etc.)
  • seeing the muscle definition you are creating
  • clothes that are getting looser, that aren’t binding and pinching
  • the many compliments you are getting as others notice your efforts
  • discovering new foods that are healthy AND taste good
  • learning how to cook/bake your favorites in a better, healthier way
  • sharing your knowledge with family and friends

So, if you have a lot of weight to lose and aren’t sure where to start, just keep your eyes and ears open. What you’re waiting for will be right there in front of you when you’re ready. And remember, it is the time between when you start and when you reach your goal you can learn the most….so ENJOY it!