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Sustainable health – one step at at time

By November 4, 2010 One Comment

Hey everyone – this is Jean.   My goal in starting bootcamps two months ago was to make changes in my lifestyle that are sustainable.  I’ve too often been overweight – lost weight through exercise, then gained it back later on.  I’d like to make the health change permanent and sustainable this time around.  For me – that means two things need to happen.  In the short term,  I need to make changes gradually.  In the past I’ve tried making too many changes too quickly and I ended up falling off the bandwagon because nothing felt familiar.  I figure if I can focus on one or two changes at a time, I might have more of a chance of success this time around.  As for the second thing, in the long term, I need variety.  Weight that was previous weight lost has unfortunately been found again when my workout routine became boring.  I need to be sure to stay a step ahead of myself in trying new activities.

So, what does that mean so far?  Well – I’d definitely say I’m now in the habit of going to bootcamp three mornings per week.  I have also given up soda since starting bootcamp.  Even though I haven’t really lost any weight yet, doing those two small things makes me feel as though I’m on the right track.  Sustaining those two activities for two months empowers me to continue to change.  My next task to work on is my diet – I have a feeling that this is what is holding me back in terms of losing weight.  Although I have stopped my daily trips to the vending machine, I do still need to work on eating healthy food.  On the “diet spectrum,” I think I’ve gone from a “bad diet” to a “neutral diet.”  I next need to make the step from “neutral” to “good.”  And yes, my friends, that means fruit and veggies.  So if any of you have any wonderful recipe suggestions (especially for those leafy greens….) please send them my way!