Join Me in the “Throw Away Your Candy Now” Campaign

By November 3, 2010 11 Comments

When I opened my email from Dustin this morning and his advice was to “Throw Away Your Candy Now!” I just smiled and thought, he is not talking to me, I don’t need to. I am in shape at a comfortable weight and have great willpower. So I went on with my morning. Then it struck me I had already eaten some candy corn, finished the nerds left open and was sure to hit something chocolate next and it was only 9:15 AM. For the past few days, I have been consuming candy throughout the day because it is visible in our main living area, it is easy to access and I am not scared to admit it tastes pretty darn good. I am scared to think how many pieces I actually ate since Sunday. If I had written it down, Dustin would probably ask to use it as an example of the worst food journal ever. You mean different colored candies aren’t different food groups?

Thanks to Dustin’s simple advice of “Throw Away Your Candy Now!” I am taking action as soon as I am done typing. When my three young daughters find out, they will probably start a riot with lots of yelling and throwing of pillows so to avoid any long term mental anguish and to quiet my house I have decided it will be best if I let them pick their favorite 10 pieces and then get rid of the rest. Any suggestions on where the rest should go? It feels so wasteful to throw it away, yet if I give it to someone else is that doing them any favors?

Please join me in the “Throw Away Your Candy Now!” movement so you don’t sabotage all the hard work you put in each day to reach your weight and fitness goals. Let me know if you take my challenge!

Go Out, Get Active,