Shelly (second on the right) With Her 5K Crew

I hope everyone of you know or get to meet someone like Shelly.  She is very positive, works very hard, and is passionate about what she does.  I am very proud of her and the story you are about to read.  Shelly is one of those rare frustrating cases for me.  She seems to be doing everything right regarding exercise and eating, yet her body wants to hold onto fat like Lindsay Lohan wants to hold onto drugs.  I hope as I learn more and as science gets a better handle on how the body processes fat, I will be able to see Shelly get to a weight she is happy with and deserves.

But this post isn’t about weight loss, it is about doing something that you never thought possible.  Breaking through preconceived notions of the stories (lies) you have been telling yourself for so many years.  I want you to pay special attention to how she went about it.  When trying to achieve something that you don’t believe was possible, you need a support network.  So check out Shelly’s story.  I challenge you to form your support group.  Of course if you are part of Fit Fun Bootcamps or MamaTone, we have the support group built in, or if you are starting your own Fit Moms For Life Group in your community you have that there too!

Take is away Shelly!

Goal setting. If you’ve been following Dustin for any length of time (like even 2 seconds!) you’ll know that setting goals is a biggy with him. It’s a big deal in my life, too. When I set goals for myself and my life, I expect to achieve them and almost always do…except when it comes to losing weight.

Since my early teens, I’ve been overweight and not so comfortable in my own body. I’ve tried many different weight loss approaches, many different times, with varying degrees of success. For a whole lot of reasons I won’t get into here (not the least of which is simply lack of self control), I have not (YET!) been able to achieve and sustain a weight loss goal I’m comfortable with.

Thankfully, I’ve always been active in sports and really enjoy exercise. Once I get at it, I love the way a work out makes me feel – empowered, invigorated, accomplished! Just knowing I can survive insanely tough Mamatone workouts alongside ladies half my size, helps me realize that maybe anything really is possible – even as an overweight woman.

Instead of waiting for my seemingly ever elusive ideal weight to appear, I decided I needed to set a fitness goal for myself.  The general “hit the gym/Mamatone 3 times a week and hope my clothes will be looser soon” wasn’t cutting it anymore for me. I needed something tangible to work towards, something concrete. Either I’d accomplish the goal, or I wouldn’t– as simple as that.

In early May, inspired by some friends and neighbors who have trained for and ran 10ks, triatholons, and marathons s, I decided I would run a 5K in September!  A 5K seemed like a doable thing. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy for a non-runner like me, but I didn’t want easy – I wanted challenging, yet possible, doable, achievable. I needed to remember that, even if I’m not the biggest loser when it comes to weight loss, I really am capable of achieving goals I set for myself.

I went on-line and found some couch-5K training plans, looked for races in the area and then the most important piece…invited others to join me on this new venture!  Knowing I could really use the camaraderie and accountability – I shot out an e-mail to some other non-running friends of mine and invited them to join me. To my surprise, I got quite a bit of interest! Some friends said they’d always wanted to try this, just never got around to it. Some just needed a way to exercise regularly and thought it would be fun to run together. Others asked if they could just donate money to the race and cheer me on! Even the folks, who didn’t take me up on my invite, were full of encouragement – just what I needed!

We started out training 5 days a week – walking for 5 minutes and running for 30 seconds. Sounds easy now, but at the time, we were challenged even by that little bit of running! In just a few weeks, before we knew it, we were running more than walking and then running the whole 30 minutes! Pretty amazing how the body can progress when challenged!

As a full time mom with 3 kiddos home all summer, this came to be one of my favorite parts of my day. I got to chat with friends, move my body and work towards a goal!

Shelly on the right

Other friends and neighbors caught wind of this 5K goal and were incredibly supportive. I was constantly being asked how training was going. People were mentioning they saw us running and cheered us on as we ran by. All the support was so touching and inspiring-how could I NOT achieve this goal with so many friends and neighbors routing for me?!

Here’s the thing – I wouldn’t have had this support if I didn’t throw my goal out there and then ask others to join me. It’s a scary thing to do – hang a goal out for everyone to see and ask others to be a part of your success/failure, but the benefits of doing it way outweigh the risks! I highly doubt I could’ve/ would’ve gotten up at 6am all summer to train for this 5K without my friends waiting for me. Even if I did have that sort of self discipline – it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun!

I’m happy to report that on September 26th, I participated in the Huffin It for Habitat 5K and ran the entire thing – no walking at all – which was my goal! Nope, it’s wasn’t the fastest time by any means and no I didn’t lose oodles of weight training for this, but I did remind myself that I really am capable of setting tough goals and achieving them!

As a non-runner, I set out to run a 5K, invited friends to join me, and in the process remembered that I really am an achiever! Do I still hope to lose weight and feel more comfortable in my own skin? You bet I do! Hopefully as I start setting some new goals, I’ll be inspired by this 5K success of mine and remember that I don’t need to wait for the ideal weight – life is happening and ready to be lived right now!


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