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Total Body Butt and Leg Toning Exercises

By October 26, 2010 10 Comments

I realized that I forgot to post a video that my good buddy Davey and I filmed in Vegas awhile ago.  These are two exercises that you might not have thought to do, that get the heart rate up very quickly and tone maximum muscle and burn body fat.  If you like these exercises you will love my 12 short workouts in my Buns Guns Back and Shoulder series.  Click here to learn more about them.

1.  Lunge Chop Twist

2. Squat position cross jabs.

This second video I showed you awhile back, but I wanted to replay it again, because it gives some awesome exercises you can do at home to work the butt and legs. The great thing about these exercises is that they are quick and can be done with very little equipment. Alecia is on set with me in this video and she is probably overall the most fit mom that I have worked with. Her and I will be coming out with a couple DVDs soon that are for moms with small babies. These workouts will use the baby as weight. I just got to see the first edit of the videos and all I can say is adorable 🙂 I think some with buy the DVDs just to watch the baby!

Alecia did a story awhile back about her experience working out during her pregnancy and right after. Click here to check out her story.

Question of the Day:  For those of you who do any of my program, what is your favorite butt or thigh exercise?