4 Things I have Learned in NYC Pertaining To Fat Los

By October 24, 2010 5 Comments

I am writing this on the plane back from 6 days in NYC. Many of you know I was at a small gathering called the National Publicity Summit. I signed up for the group, because the guy leading it, in my opinion, is the #1 expert in the world at helping people with a message, get it out to the masses. It was the best $6,000 investment I have made. I could write all day about the amazing conversations, people, and producers I met, but I don’t want to bore you. But I am very confident that within the next 6 months I will have many more trips back to NYC to be on various news shows and talk shows.

I am also in the process of dieting for my next fitness competition and had to eat nearly perfect to reach my goals. I have never had to be so disciplined while traveling before and I learned some interesting things.

1. At the meetings there was always a massive assortment of bagels, cookies, brownies, pastries, muffins, coffee, juice, and fresh fruit. In the past I probably would have grabbed a brownie with the fruit, but since I am dieting for this show, I knew that wasn’t even an option. Even though it looked good, not even giving myself the option to eat it made it pretty easy to say no. Another trick I used and use quite often is the “I don’t want to look like him” game. What I do, is I find someone who looks very out of shape and just overall very unhealthy and sick, and I watch him put on his plate a brownie, muffin, and pours himself some juice and some coffee. He obviously didn’t get that way by just making that decision once, but he did by making that a habit over years and years. I NEVER want a habit like that to start, so by having that visual in front of me, it is a powerful reminder why I grabbed the fresh fruit, and just drink water.

2. Creating a support network that will keep you striving towards your goals. There was 100 of us who were experts in various fields who were all looking to share our message and help more people. Most were authors, and everyone had a passion and zest for life that you see in only a very small % of people. The level of commitment, drive, and energy was so contagious that it elevated everyone in the room. We all became better people, and fed off of one another. I talk about this all the time on this blog, but if you don’t have a support community around you, the chances of long term success is very low. That is why I am so passionate of creating a million mom movement that has a very strong local component where moms will get together and be able to create support groups on authentic relationships.

I recently had to delete a facebook friend because this person was constantly putting updates on her profile that were so negative and depressing, and it seemed to always end up on my feed. I got so tired of seeing the negativity and deleted that person. You need to get as many negative influences out of your life immediately.

3. I didn’t really have access to a fridge or kitchen too much and was so busy as is, so I had to eat most of my meals at restaurants. I met up with quite a few people who wanted to see me, and the only time I could meet would be at meal breaks. I told whomever I was meeting with, that they could pick out the place, but it had to be somewhere with clean food, meaning fresh and unprocessed. Everyone did a great job finding places like that for me to meet. I also did a little exploring and found an amazing salad creation place that was all organic. I also found a place that had a very fancy salad bar and also hot meal options. So I was able to load up on the fresh veggies and then great some lean grilled chicken. Our weight and our lives, are determined by 100’s of small decisions each day, sure there was amazing looking pizza places at every corner, and the giant soft dough pretzels with the big salt pellets at the street vendors looked amazing, but once I reminded myself what my goals are and how those foods will only set me back towards the goals I am pursuing, it makes it pretty easy to say no. Plus healthy food tastes AMAZING and I felt so good all week and had great energy until the end.

4. Even though I don’t think that walking is a great way to lose weight, New Yorkers do seem to be much thinner than many other places in America. They walk an average of 5 miles per day. So besides your intense strength training workouts, and HIIT, make sure to also keep moving and sit as little as possible. Not only will you burn some more calories, but your body will stay loose and you should have more energy. Don’t ever take the elevator unless you absolutely have to, and if you sit for more than 60 minutes take a couple minutes to stand up and walk around.

So wrapping things up I want to encourage you to stop making excuses about why you can’t find time to exercise and eat well, whether you are at home or on the road. Success and failure is comprised of 100’s of small decisions each day. Surround yourself with people whom you aspire to be like, and their good will rub off on you.