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Lessons From NYC

By October 21, 2010 9 Comments

As many of you know I am in NYC at a 6 day gathering to meet a lot of big time media in hopes of getting my message spread to the masses.  It has been pretty amazing meeting the 100 participants (like myself) and hearing their amazing stories and expertise.  Most are authors and have a burning message they are hoping to get out to the public and share to help more people out.

We had a social event at a bar on Tuesday night, and the passion and enthusiasm that was in that place was amazing.  If only everywhere I went in the world it was like that.  It once again hit me that so many people are living status quo and not really living a powerful fulfilled life.  They are in jobs they don’t like, working for bosses and coworkers that can’t stand,  in relationships that aren’t ideal, and feel like they have given up in life.

These were the types of stories I was hearing from these authors who weren’t living, but existing, and one day they had an experience that changed everything.  I met a woman in her 30s that 10 years ago was in a car accident and was burned alive as flames engulfed her vehicle and burned much of her body.  She survived that, only a couple years later to be in another high speed car accident that left her body very broken and messed up.  Her message is about overcoming obstacles in your life.

It cost each of us 100 that are attending about $6,000 for the program, so there is a pretty strong commitment level amongst the group.  Here is another lesson I want you to take away, whatever you want bad enough in life will cost you something.  If you are really wanting to drop two dress sizes it might cost you staying in bed for an extra hour in the morning, it might cost you going out with your friends on a Friday night when they go drinking and eating bad food.  Anything in life worth having will cost you something.  It might be money, time, reputation, or short term gratification, you must weight out the benefits compared to cost and decide for yourself.

I know I have a message that millions of moms need to hear about and I am going to put myself in situations that greatly increase the chances of that happening, that is why I am taking 6 days out of my busy life to get in front of the people who can help me get there.

Watch this quick two minute video of Kathleen, who invested in my Fit Moms For Life program and is a new person!

Question of the day: What in life are you settling for?  Where in your life are you just existing instead of living life fully?  If you want to stay anonymous just make up a fake name.