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“Finally! The Secret to Losing 60lbs OVERNIGHT!”

By October 18, 2010 14 Comments

One of the things that gets me the most upset is when I have someone tell me or I hear through the grapevine via a friend that the person doesn’t want to do, Fit Fun Bootcamps, MamaTone, or Fit Moms For Life DVDs because they aren’t in good enough shape for it.  To me that is a slap in my face and my trainers faces, basically saying that they don’t think we can provide modifications and a workout that can be tailored to meet any fitness level.

It is usually just someone’s feeble attempts to put blame on someone other than themselves.  The truth is pretty much anyone can participate in my programs and have amazing results… the only ones would be those with very bad joint issues.  What makes me even more frustrated is when these people keep complaining to me and their friends that their jeans don’t fit them any more, they don’t have energy, and they have no motivation.

Next time I hear or you hear this weak excuse, plop them don’t next to a computer and have them read Crystals story.  I met Crystal about 5 years ago a church and has had a contagious personality that everyone loved, but she also was morbidly obese and was carrying so much weight, that is would most certainly have killed her much earlier than she deserved to live.  About 4 years later, do my delight, Crystal came in to my bootcamp, I was so excited to see her and was hoping she was going to take it seriously.  That first week or two was a struggle as the scale didn’t change much, but her intensity and desire never waivered.  I remember telling her when she was a little discouraged, trust the system and the program and give it time, in one year you will have a new body.  Well it has been about 9 months so far and she definitely is transforming into her new body.  I will let Crystal take the story from here.

Every time I run into someone I haven’t seen in a long time, they

exclaim, “You look great!” I chuckle and graciously accept the

complement because I know what’s coming next. They lower their voice,

almost to a whisper, and say, so “what did you do? What’s your


I respond, in a similarly lowered voice, “You know everything they

tell you regarding eating right and exercising?”

Eagerly, they say, “yeah…”

“I did it.”

“Oh.”—obviously disappointed.

“Yep, I changed what I ate drastically and I started exercising

vigorously. It took lots of time, but I have been able to lose 61lbs

and 5 dress sizes and keep it off by making changes that are no longer

‘changes’ but part of my normal life. I know that I have to exercise

most days of the week for the rest of my life. Good thing I like to


“I don’t think I can do that…it’s too hard.”

“It is hard but it is doable—anything worth having is hard work, right?

That’s how many conversations go regarding the life transformation I

am experiencing. In most of those conversations, there is never time

to discuss what, specifically, I did/am doing, so here I will take the

time to share the most important life changes I made to get to where I


I decided, for me, when enough was enough: when I was tired of looking

at an unhappy me in the mirror. This happened for me in December,2009.

I finally realized that “willpower” would not get me to where I needed

to be. I needed help. The power of my will, alone, was extremely weak.

I joined a fitness program, ran by Dustin Maher, called Fit Fun Boot

Camp AND I enlisted a friend to go with me. I initially signed up for

a trial period but enjoyed the extremely difficult workouts and

friendly atmosphere so much that I continued my membership for 6


In the midst of working out with Dustin, Abby, and eventually Amber, I

changed my eating habits (originally using an eating plan from

Dustin/Abby).OH MY GOSH—this was and continues to be difficult.In

December 2009, it had gotten to the point that I was eating out most

days of the week using the excuse of having a busy schedule for not

having time to cook.There was just NO excuse for all the pop I was

drinking.Well, maybe there was: my favorite, Ginger Ale, was on sale

for $1 at the grocery store! When I started boot camp in January—out

went the pop.  Cold turkey.It wasn’t as bad to stop because fortunately

the pop I was addicted to had no CAFFEINE!= No withdrawal symptoms.

I also stopped eating out but here is what I replaced my eating out with:

* Lean meat—chicken, tilapia, turkey breast

* Whole grains—healthy choice whole wheat bread with no artificial

sugar, brown rice, all nat ural granola.Eventually the bread became

sprouted wheat bread and I did not have it after lunch.

* Fruit—mainly apples, oranges, bananas, and berries. Melons when

they are in season—I love cantaloupe!

* Vegetables—Collard greens, spinach, and green beans are my

favorites and the ones that I can cook—they are the simplest to steam

or sauté in a bit olive oil. I leave the starchy veggies like potatoes

and corn out.

* Protein powder—a protein shake with milk and fruit after boot

camp and sometimes for a meal.

* Gelatin—this is a new addition but I love it so much! Gelatin is

similar to protein powder but it has no flavor and you can mix it into

pretty much anything to get an extra protein boost. I mix mine into

juice, tea, and sometimes my Amy’s Lentil soup!

* Water—no substitutes or mix-ins for me. Just drink it. Lots of it.

* Currently, I am on a Gluten/Dairy free diet. All I can say is I

feel so much “cleaner” on the inside. I rarely have gas (sorry if

that’s TMI), indigestion, etc. Try it for a few days. For me, it just

means I am not eating bread, yogurt, cheese, and milk. Things I used

to eat daily. I don’t miss them much at all.

* I DO allow myself cheat meals, snacks, etc. but don’t let these

get out of hand. Sometimes I crave Harold’s chicken. I let myself have

it. Life’s too short to be deprived.

As the pounds began to melt, I decided what I wanted to do for me

during the summer of 2010 and the future. I had gotten bogged down in

“responsibilities” that I needed to be freed from. I decided to move

back home to Chicago AND take a summer job in California. Still, two

of the best decisions I made this year.

Exercising. The best lesson I have learned is how to listen to what my

body is telling me. Yes, my body tells me when to stop. However, I

NEVER stop after the first time. EVERY time I can ALWAYS give MORE.

When I feel like I all I have is one step left, I force myself to do

two. When I feel like I will die in 30 seconds, I go 15 seconds more.

This is REALLY crucial. We are so trained, in American society, to

stop at the first sign (not even the manifestation) of pain. The pain

hasn’t even arrived and we are ready to stop. I don’t stop before the

pain, because of the pain or in the presence of the pain. Sometimes it

hurts but I keep on. This process has not killed me. In fact, as soon

as I stop, the pain subsides—like it was never there. That’s what lets

me know it’s a mind game. Pain is a master deceiver. But, I have

learned to be the ultimate master of my body.

I exercise most days of the week. Most days mean I try to exercise 5

days a week. I mix up my workout: I go to boot camp (basically circuit

training that incorporates cardio, strength, and core training); I

take Zumba classes; I run on the lake; I ride my bicycle; I run up the

stairs to my apartment (all 13 flights) multiple times. I do whatever

gets my heart in the target zone over a period of at least 45 minutes.

Most importantly, I workout like each one is a “last chance workout”

and I have FUN.

So, that’s what I do and will continue to do for the rest of my life.

My immediate goal is to lose 100lbs. With these life changes I know I

will overshoot that goal. I’m not worried. I’m excited and thrilled.

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