Empty Nest Mother of Three in the Best Shape of Her Life: Part 1

By October 4, 2010 19 Comments

Sue Before

Age is just an excuse… Yes you heard that right, many are using age as a reason why you can’t be in shape.  Sure there are things you might need to modify or change a little bit as you get older, and maybe you skin is a little less elastic than it was when you were in your twenties, but for the most part if you train right, your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s can be some of the best and fit years of your life!  I can’t say that from personal experience (obviously since I am 27), but I have say that from helping an estimated 1350 clients over the age of 40.

Today’s story is of a woman named Sue who is well out of her 40’s (I am not allowed to say her age), but is in unbelievable shape and can smoke most fit 20 year olds.  I started working with her about 18 months ago.  I was slightly nervous that results were going to be challenging, because unlike most that were her size, she worked out about 10 hours per week, so I wasn’t dealing with a couch potatoe.  But as we decreased the amount of long distance cardio she did, and exchanged that for heavy weight training and sprints, the fat started to melt off and so did the inches!  Her body is a completely new shape than before.

Today she will be sharing her story, next time she will be sharing her food journal which is very good!

Sue’s story in her own words.

“Size extra large; big boned; too bad- such a pretty face; standing sideways and in the back for the group photo; coming in closer to last than first at fitness events – do any of these sound familiar? For me, these types of things have always been a part of my life – but no more! For me, having the opportunity to work with Dustin for the last 18 months, and see such a change in the way I look and feel, without spending any more time than I was, is amazing. Me now? Size medium (sometimes small!), in the front, and a heck of a lot faster and stronger. I am thrilled to say, that after a lifetime of truly never being anywhere close to being under 30% body fat, I am now at 24%, and my dream is 21% by the end of this year. Through Dustin’s workouts over the last 18 months, I have not just lost weight, but transformed my shape into something that I never thought I could.

When Dustin asked me to write a blog and share my story I was hesitant. I was not sure about being “seen” in such a public forum, and I don’t think I am done yet, but then, when I see what Dustin is doing for so many, I thought perhaps sharing some of my story might help others.

Sue lean and toned now!

Weight loss does not come easy for me. Clearly, as I have been on every diet there ever was and always “worked out.” I think my genetic disposition is programmed to be one of the last survivors by storing every ounce of body fat available. Often, people lose weight that they have gained over time and can finally “get back to how they were.” This is great and always a big achievement, but there has always a special place in my heart and a lot of jealousy for those people that achieve something new – people that were heavy in high school and before. I was that heavy child and young adult. When I was in 5th grade, my mother took me to a department store to buy a new outfit for school, and the saleswoman, looked at me and said to my mother, you can find her something over there –all I remember was looking “over there” to where it said “Chubby” on the wall. Fortunately, I have always been what I call “equally distributed”, and have been able to maintain my excess 25-30 pounds extra from turning into more, but that took a lot of work too! A few years out of college, I decided to lose weight and run. For that one brief period in my life, I lost 20 pounds, and began a program to work up to running 3 miles without stopping. When I finally did it, I made a rule, which I think I have basically never broken. My rule is the 3 day rule. Never go more than 3 days in a row without working out. On the morning of the fourth day, should that occur, do something. Once it was just putting on my tennis shoes and walking around the block, but it was something. I did not have the right tools as I do now to maintain that loss for more than a few years, but some of my measurements today, in places that count (thighs etc) are better than they were during those “thin years.” Then I became a busy mom with a very supportive husband, managing three children, a career, the household, extended family, numerous hours working out and we also had an active family life outdoors. But, I was never able to also successfully manage my weight and that constant source of frustration.

One day, out of the desperation of seeing no end in sight to even more weight gain to reach a new high for me, I emailed Dustin as somehow I had seen his blog. (Probably from endless mind numbing diet and exercise searches) I knew I was very quickly going to go where I never wanted to with my weight, and I was doing everything I knew how. Thankfully, he recognized that I am a hard worker, outlined his high expectations, and I started his workouts. Ok- I really did not realize how hard I would have to work, and I also did not realize how good that hard work would feel. I wish I could say that I had the same discipline for the nutrition part, and still have struggles with aspects of both, but mental toughness can really help with that. About 4 months into Dustin’s program, I was already just below 30% body fat, and I could not believe it! That is when I started getting more serious about the nutrition part, and he forced me into his core class believing I could do it. HA. I spent a few months falling off the ball, but steadily improved so much (and not missing any classes) that this spring he asked me to teach for him while he was gone!! I have to say that was quite thrilling. Since dipping below that 30% body fat mark, I have lost 5% more body fat. Slow? Sure. Sometimes frustrating? Duh. But can you say new clothes? The feeling of pure healthiness? Can you say no thank you and mean it? Can you work out with people of all ages?

Sometimes now I see my reflection in the mirror, and do not recognize myself, other times I look and still see my old images. It is hard to transform, there is no doubt. I am not done yet, but I think if I can do this, just about anyone can. It takes commitment, but what type of success doesn’t? I encourage you to join me in trying to reach our goals by the end of the year. Let’s raise the bar and change getting older (because we all are) to getting better (because we all can in some way).”

Sue G