Win a FREE Set of the Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp DVDs

By September 26, 2010 48 Comments

Tomorrow my newest set of DVDs will be released.  The production company that did these DVDs thought they were the best workout DVDs that they have ever seen.  I am REALLY proud of them.  I took the best of my bootcamp workouts, the best of my partner workouts, and the best of my small group training sessions and combined them into 4 high energy workouts!  The exercises are very creative and require both people to feed off of each other and bring the energy.  These DVDs can me modified to be done alone if you don’t have a workout partner.

We have men in these workouts too, so I am hoping that your significant others will get into them.  These workouts are based off of the science of weight training, and HIIT.  As all my DVDs, all you need are some dumbbells, a mat (optional), and a stability ball (only one).

Win a FREE DVD set!

Share with me in the comments section below why the Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp is a perfect program for you (and your family if you have one).  I look forward to selecting the one that I think deserves it the most.  Deadline to submit, Monday 6 pm CST.