Top 5 Reasons Why It is Best To Have a Workout Buddy

By September 23, 2010 8 Comments

This pic is a little weird and embarrassing, but it was taken freshmen year in the dorms with my good friend and workout buddy Johnny. We would workout 3-4 times per week together and go eat at the cafeteria after. Great memories!

There are very few things in fitness that I believe in more than having a workout partner.  The times in my life when I have had a consistent workout partner are the times that I have been the most fit and dedicated.  You can certainly do it on your own, but I have found there to be so many awesome benefits to sharing the pain with a partner or a group.  Here are my top 5 reasons why it is better.

1.  Accountability: it is so easy to find excuses not to workout.  Many of these excuses are actually pretty logical and justifiable, but are still excuses.  We are very good at letting ourselves off the hook and letting ourselves down, but we don’t like to let those down around us.  So having a workout buddy drastically increases the odds that you will show up for the workouts and not cancel.

2.  Camaraderie: Working out with others provides and atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie. I remember back to my high school days as an athlete, and looking forward to the interaction with my teammates and pushing each other to get better and improve.  Some of my best memories of high school and college involved working out or sports.

My brother and I and great friend Ryan getting a workout in Vancouver Canada in the middle of the night!

3.  Friendships: I was speaking to a woman from California yesterday who is a fitness enthusiast  and she was explaining how she feels like her fitness friends or workout buddies are like no other relationships she has.  She said that there is something about sweating with each other that creates a strong bond that goes far outside the gym.  She says it is a much different bond then she has with her non workout friends.  This was an interesting comment, but makes sense based off of research and how certain feel good hormones are released during exercise.  Thinking back on my friendships, I would have to agree that most of my best friends are those that I work out with on a somewhat regular basis.

4.  Intensity: This is similar to camaraderie, but when we workout with others we push each other to work harder.  We don’t want to be shown up and therefore keep pushing when our bodies want to stop, and we do stop, a good workout buddy will shout, “just 5 more seconds!”  I don’t know if I have ever pushed myself as hard alone as I do with others.  My ego and distaste for losing helps me find that additional level of intensity that I didn’t know I have.

5.  Fun!!! One of the most common comments I receive from bootcampers and those I train in small groups is that it is fun!!  Interestingly enough, when I did one on one training, I very rarely had clients tell me it was fun.  The fun factor ties into all of the things I have mentioned about.  It is fun to be with friends or at least people you are getting to know, it is fun to push your body past its own limits, it is fun to know that someone is there keeping you accountable to stick with it.  I have found very few people to be able to stick with a fitness program long term that they don’t feel is fun.  That is why I encourage everyone to find things that will get you the results, but also that are fun!

Next Tuesday I will be releasing my newest DVDs: The Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp.  These are partner based workouts using many of the techniques and strategies myself and my Fit Fun Bootcamp trainers use.  Based of the feedback from the small group who have viewed the DVDs and done the workouts, they are very dynamic, challenging, and like none other of my DVD workouts I have put together.

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Question of the day: Why do you like to workout with a partner or group?