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Do Something That Scares You or Makes You Nervous

By September 20, 2010 21 Comments

Today I am throwing out a challenge to you.  Let’s do something soon that makes us feel uncomfortable.  Let’s find something that makes us a little nervous.  So many of us live in a level of comfort and we don’t do anything that makes us scared.  In order to grow, and I believe be fulfilled as a person, we need to get out of our little bubble of comfort.  I can’t tell you how many conversations and emails I have has with people giving me every excuse why they can’t do my DVDs or Fit Fun Bootcamp.  The one that gets me more upset than any other is “I have to get in shape before I come to bootcamp.”  That is like saying I need to have perfect teeth before I go to the dentist, or I need to have my finances in order before I see a financial planner.

Ok I will get off my soap box now.

I of course will never make a challenge here without also participating.  So what will I be doing?  I just signed up for the Fitness Modeling World Championships in Vegas.  Being up on stage without much clothes on in front of hundreds of people and possible millions watching on cable around the world makes me a little nervous.  But what makes me even more nervous is the 7 weeks before the contest I have a very crazy traveling schedule.  I will be going to Vegas, back home for a week, back to Vegas, back for a day, and then 5 days in NYC, back for a couple weeks and then back to Vegas for the show.  Trying to maintain a very strict diet does make me a little scared.  But there is no turning back!

Here is a video from 3 years ago, I really hope my stage presence is better than this!  ugghh

I did end up winning this contest in Chicago.

Here are just a couple ideas some of you might want to try.  There are literally millions out there!

1.  Try a free week of my Fit Fun Bootcamps

2.  Get the first FREE DVD of the Fit Moms For Life DVDs

3.  Speak in front of a large group of people

4.  Sing in front of a group of people

5.  Try a new sport

6.  Get out of an unfulfilling relationship

7.  Fire your boss and go after a career you are excited about

8.  Give money to a charity or family in need even though you could use the money

9.  Write a book that you have had in your head for many years

10.  Go sky diving

11.  Go bungee jumping

12.  Swim with sharks

13.  Contact someone you really look up to and admire and ask if you can ask a few questions

14.  Turn the TV off for a month

15.  Try a new vegetable

16.  Stop smoking

17.  Stop drinking coffee or soda

I will stop with that.

Question:  What in the next 3 months are you going to do to put yourself out of your comfort level?  What are you going to do that scares you or makes you a little nervous?  Share below.