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30 Hour Challenge: Babysitting 4 Kids!

By September 14, 2010 22 Comments

Recently I took up a challenge to take care of 4 kids (ages 11, 9, 4, almost 2) for about 30 hours.  I wanted to try to get a very small glimpse into the hard work you moms go through each day.  One of my clients Kim wanted to surprise her husband with a weekend away and Abby and I agreed to watch the kids. (Note: this is a one time thing, child care services is NOT a new service I will be providing 🙂  )

This video is a little long, but I think you will enjoy seeing some of the funny things that went on.  You will laugh as I learn a valuable lesson, no ice cream in the car, and you will smile watching me try to change a diaper, and you will be impressed as I have the kids help cook up a tasty halibut dinner.  I did no editing so it is very raw.

After you watch it I have some observations:

The kids were awesome, but after the weekend was over, both Abby and I were exhausted!

Here are some random thoughts:

-Kids age 1-4 are so much work

-2 year olds cry for no apparent reason

-Nap time is awesome, only if both kids nap at the same time

-9 and 11 year olds can help out with the littler kids which helped out so much!

-It was very tough to get anything else done because I was always trying to keep an eye on the younger kids to make sure they weren’t doing anything dangerous

-Playing ping pong with a 4 year old is testing on the patience

-Kids love sweets

-Making food for all the kids takes quite a bit of work, especially if they are all trying to eat different things

-Changing diapers gets me stressed out and anxious

-Kids have very short attention spans and get bored easily even though 30 seconds before they were super excited

I hope you enjoyed the video and my insights that you already know about.  I am even more impressed than ever what all you moms do each and every day.  It is a very challenging job that doesn’t get recognized very much.  Keep up the great work!