Karen's Arm At 53 years old!

I am very excited to share this story with you.  I think it will touch and inspire you, especially those who are in their mid 40’s and older.  When Karen sent this to me I got goosebumps.  I am very thankful that the 1 hour I spent with her changed her for the rest of her life.  I am so proud of Karen for APPLYING the knowledge she learned and living it out 24/7.  I am also so excited for her to become a certified trainer (that will bring the number of my clients, who would have never dreamed of being a trainer, who have gotten certified to 6) so that she can share the truth and what she has found to be life-changing.  When meeting Karen 18 months ago, I had no idea that she had just lost her father.  The pics she sent me were incredible.  If I were to describe Karen the first time I met her (and the only time), I would describe her as frail, brittle, and a little emaciated, it also seemed like a little bit of her life had been taken from her… I am sure that was from the recent passing of her dad.  But these pictures show an amazing 180, she is an incredibly toned and lean post menopausal woman who is determined to live life on her terms.

So check out her story!

What does age 53, “the empty nest”, climbing a 60 ft tower and Fit Mom’s For Life have in common? For me it means I am standing at the crossroads of a new stage of my life that is both exciting and scary at the same time! My “baby” will be heading off to college this next week and our house will be empty. All of this has prompted a great deal of soul searching as well as personal reflection that makes me realize it’s time for “Me”.

When I look back, the events of my past have all led up to where I am now and to where I am heading. The pivotal point began back in January, 2009 when I met Dustin for a personal training session at our home. I had just lost my father and my husband surprised me with a personal training session with Dustin. I remember thinking, “how nice, but how is one session going to help me”? I was wrong, it only took one session of an intense total body workout, complete with nutritional education and body measurements that totally changed the way I workout and live my life. It’s been a totally new way of fitness! No more steady state cardio or wishy, washy weight training where I just ” hit or miss”. There is a goal, a plan and a commitment. Dustin was just putting the finishing touches of his 12 DVD Fit Mom’s For Life series so I signed up. I have all 12 and each one gets progressively more challenging. I now have a beautiful series of personal training dvd’s that I can incorporate into my other weight training and cardio workouts.

I recently sent Dustin a few pictures of me showing my biceps. I didn’t have any signs of a bicep when I first met Dustin, so I showed him what doing the Fit Mom’s For Life DVD’s, strength training,cardio burst training as well as eating clean has done for me! At first I didn’t think I “fit in” because the mother’s where of young children, but fit mom’s for life doesn’t have an age limit nor does developing muscle strength have an age limit! I plan to continue to lift weights and incorporate clean eating and along with burst training for as long as I am able. I have no end in sight! In fact it’s just the beginning. I have signed up for a ACE Personal Training Prep Course at UW Madison to see if my love and passion for health and fitness might be a new journey for me to pursue. I will never know unless I try!

Karen doing a 1 Arm DB Row

How does the climbing tower fit in? On July 3rd, I scaled the side of a 60 ft climbing tower at Camp Lutherdale. Before I took the zip line down, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and with a leap of faith, jumped into this new stage of my life! It’s a new day and a new way!

It’s amazing how “things” happen for a reason. I do believe things happen for a reason and there are no mistakes!


Question of the day:  What questions do you have for Karen?  Do you have specifics on motivation, exercise, or nutrition?  She would love to answer your questions.