Abby and I with the family

A couple days ago I shared with you part 1 of a story on a Mom with 7 kids who changed her whole families life. I received so many comments and private emails from my subscribers about this story and how it really inspired them to look at what they are feeding their kids.

The second part of the story is about the miracles Kim’s family has seen from getting off of the traditional processed and toxic diet.  When I was in ND with everyone I had a great conversation with her husband who has lost 45 lbs.  He looked awesome and said he loves Tracies webstite, and he is just a sponge for knowledge regarding food.  He has a problem I hope all of you get to at some point.  He needs to GAIN weight, and is currently eating 3000 calories per day, but can’t keep weight on him.  Nice problem to have right 🙂  You can obviously see from his before pic, he wasn’t gifted with great genetics.  He has systematically experimented with HIS body to find the foods that HIS body responds well to, and has his hormones very regulated and is eating only high quality foods that his body can process.  He has found whole grains (a very healthy thing to eat) doesn’t sit well with his body and his back problems come back right away.  I challenge you to do experiments on yourself and track how you feel.  Many people have trouble processing dairy, sugar, and grains.  Try eliminating one of them for a 4-6 week period and see how you feel and then try another one to eliminate.

Kim and her family before changing their diet

Enough rambling, here is the rest of Kim’s story:

“I was just looking out the window at the kids playing in the yard and realizing what a miracle they are.  Our oldest just turned 14, we have twins who are 12, triplets that are 8 and our youngest is 4.  I didn’t think we’d be able to have kids.  I grew up obese, and didn’t have a normal puberty.  In fact, I only had my menstrual cycle one to two times a year.

As a kid, this didn’t bother me so much.  It wasn’t until we decided we wanted a family, that I became concerned.  I made an appointment with an OB-GYN, who immediately referred me to a fertility specialist.  He told me I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  He told me I would never conceive a baby without medical intervention.   He put me on some oral drugs that were supposed to stimulate my body to ovulate, but that was unsuccessful, so we proceeded to take fertility shots. We were lucky to have a single baby, twins and triplets.  All were healthy and we decided six was enough!  We weren’t worried about having any more kids as pregnancy was impossible without medical intervention.  Maybe with the way I was taking care of my body at the time, it was impossible, but my niece had me on an exercise plan to help me lose a lot of pregnancy weight.  I was losing weight and exercising consistently.  To my surprise, my periods started to become more regular.  More surprising than regular periods was a positive pregnancy test when the triplets were three.  We had a healthy baby boy and I had my tubes tied.

Abby and I with Kim on the left and Patty on the right

School starts in a couple of weeks.  Our ADD son is entering the third grade.  He successfully completed the second grade, medication free.  We keep him off of school lunch and gluten.  We do notice that his symptoms return after he’s been to a holiday meal or birthday party, and we suffer for a couple of days to get him back on track.  This proves to us that his diet has a lot to do with his focus and success in school.

I just had all the kids in for their yearly physicals with their pediatrician.  He said “Where’ve you been?”  We hadn’t been in since last fall, aside from some stitches in the knee of one of the boys.  This is completely awesome to me because we have a child with an auto-immune disorder who needs to go to the ER with any fever over 101.  She hadn’t been in to the ER or on antibiotics for a whole year.  What we are saving in doctor bills has easily made our increased grocery budget worth it.  I’m also excited that I am nearing the end of  the year with leftover vacation and sick days.  This is the first time since we had kids that I have not run out before the end of the year.

As I close this, I am waiting for Kevin to come in from mowing the yard.  We live on a farm and it takes close to six hours to mow the whole yard.  Sitting on a lawn mower for six hours was something he could not do last year because of his back.  His backaches are virtually gone.  If asked which one of the changes made the biggest difference in his back, he’d tell you it was the gluten.  Maybe our chiropractor who picked apart our diet wasn’t so crazy after all.”

Question of the Day:  Have you experienced interesting things that have happened when you started to change your eating habits?