Name My New DVDs

By August 6, 2010 86 Comments

Very short post today.  In less than 6 weeks I will be coming out with 4 more DVDs that I am super pumped about.  It fills a gap in my products up until this point.  I need a help with the name, so I will give you a couple bullet points of what the DVDs are like.

-Partner Workouts

-Fat burning

-Muscle toning

-Very interactive: you are using each others body weight for many of the exercises

-Creative:  Many of these exercises you have probably never seen before

-Positive: It was great to see the couples in the DVDs encouraging and suffering together

-We had a husband and wife for two of the DVDs, and two mom friends for the other

-These workouts are the closest workouts I have to my bootcamp workouts, since many times in bootcamps we are doing partner exercises to increase the commrodery and relationships.

-Fun, with all the new workouts and positions you have your body in, the workouts are funny and unique.

I hope that helps.

Please write in the comments section below as many names that you think would sound good.  I will pick the winner by Sunday evening.  You will win a free set of the DVDs if yours is chosen.