Summer is in full swing and finding places to workout while you are with your kids becomes important.  Playgrounds can provide an great array of equipment that you just can’t find in your house.  Marsue, my trainer for the Oregon and McFarland Fit Fun Bootcamps, puts together insane playground workouts using bands, ropes, and TRXs (I might try to film a video sometime of her doing this).  But sometimes you don’t have any equipment at all, so I have put together 3 exercises that you can do at the playground.  Sure you might get some looks and some negative comments, but usually you don’t want to look or feel like the person that is doing the ridiculing or staring. 🙂

My little brother was in town and he made his TV debut.  I think he did very good!  He is a great example of not letting genetics be an excuse to getting in shape.  All through high school he was about 6’4 and only weighed 160 lbs and got made fun of for it.  The past few years he has changed his diet and works out extremely hard and has put on about 50 lbs of muscle and now weighs 15 lbs more than me and is quite a bit stronger than me.

A couple more of my favorite playground exercises are:

-Knee tucks on the swing: Be in a pushup position, hands on the ground and feet up in the swing.  Pull the knees into the chest.

-Swing rollouts:  Put your forearms in the swing and kneel on the ground, slowly lean forward straightening out your arms.  This works the deep core.

-Dips on parallel bars:  This is more advanced but you put your hands on two parallel bars and lower your body down until your shoulders are at your elbow height, and then press back up.

Do You Have Any Ideas, Suggestions, Or Comments About the Playground Workouts?