How Melissa Went From a Size 10 To a Size 4

By July 5, 2010 8 Comments

Melissa Before at a Size 10

I am excited to share another success story from a woman named Melissa.  She goes to Mt Horeb’s bootcamp with my awesome instructor Deb.

Check out her story:

It all started on June 28th 2009 when I went to check out to see what boot camp was all about. (Thanks to my good friend Jody who is such an inspiration to me and many friends!) I honestly thought that I was in pretty good shape. HA! I really got my butt kicked that day and what a wake-up call it was for me. I knew when I left there that day that I had to join and make some improvements in my life. I’ve been going ever since and I’ve improved my speed, strength, and endurance.

I love how I feel on the days I go to Boot Camp. I feel like I’m a better person with a better attitude, more patience and I get so much more accomplished on boot camp days. That one good decision I made by getting up and going to boot camp leads to other good decisions like eating healthy and going for jog on my lunch hour.

The way I look at food now has really changed and I have gotten to the point where I really don’t have to think about it. I used to read every label, measure and try to figure out what was best. Now, it’s become more natural for me: I know portions and what the best options are. Most of my groceries are now bought in the produce section or at the farmers market. I now make sure that there are veggies in everything I eat.

In the morning I usually cook up some mushrooms and tomatoes in olive oil and add 1 beaten egg (kind of like an omelet that isn’t folded). I usually have a snack around 10 am, which is usually an apple (or some sort of fruit) and string cheese. For lunch I normally have a spinach salad (which is funny because I never used to like spinach and now eat it almost every day!) My spinach salad has a few almonds, a few craisins, or I change it up by slicing a strawberry or two on it or cutting up an apple. My dressing is an oil/vinegar dressing that I combine from Vom Fass (wonderful place on University Avenue). My current dressing I use ½ TBS of Hazelnut Oil and ½ TBS Waldburg Star Forest Raspberry balsamic vinegar –yummy! I also never leave the house to come to work without a can of tuna – I have tuna almost every single day now.

Melissa Currently Wearing a Size 4 Dress

I have a family, so for supper, I cook for them and have changed their way of eating now too. I never make potatoes anymore and try not to have carbs at supper time. I basically have a make your own salad bar most nights and I make grilled chicken or some sort of meat that goes with the salad, but everything is now centered around the salad or veggie. With my family I also have make your own wraps. Mine looks a lot different than my husbands, because I load mine with spinach, salad peppers, tomatoes, deli turkey (and I do a mixture of a little mayo and a lot of mustard to avoid having only mayo). Mustard has pretty much replaced the mayo in my life. I keep a 22 oz. cup at my desk and drink water all day long. Now this isn’t a perfect world and I do have a lot of outings with friends and parties with unlimited food options… but I do feel I make better choices now in these situations than I did in the past!!!

Some additional tricks I’ve learned are… When I eat bread – I only eat 100% whole-wheat (the 45 calorie bread). If I make a sandwich, I use mustard instead of mayo and always add lettuce/tomatoes to get veggies in it. I eat brown rice as a side, but limit my portion of it! I also drink 1% milk (I used to have 2%) and eat 1% cottage cheese. If I have cereal in the morning, the first thing I do is put blueberries in the bowl so there will be less room for cereal. I make stir fries for supper with extra virgin olive oil or my garlic grape seed oil. I also like making shish kabobs, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with beef, scallops or shrimp. They are fun to grill and you can change up the veggies and even have pineapple on them. If we stop somewhere as a family for fast food, I usually order grilled chicken and tell them not to put the mayo on it. We don’t go out to dinner often but, when we do I try the different seafoods they have to offer, like grilled tilapia / grilled shrimp or take their small filet and will order veggies or a baked sweet potato as a side.

Here is a quick little video from the Fit Fun Bootcamp Melissa goes to!

All of these changes have really paid off. I don’t weigh myself anymore, but enjoy the fact I can wear a size 8 dress pants and actually have them be a little loose on me. One of the best moments was when my mom and I went shopping a couple months ago and she had me try on a dress that I fell in love with. We never looked at the size of the dress and I would have never tried it on if I would have looked at the size ahead of time, because here it was a size 4. (I’ve double checked the size on the tag a few times just to make sure.) That day I got home and emailed Deb, our instructor in Mt. Horeb, and thanked her and boot camp for changing me! I’ve never felt better ~ I’ve been in boot camp 1 year now, and I’m planning on staying for a long time!!! Thanks Dustin for your great program!

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