The Secret To Accountability

By July 2, 2010 8 Comments

If you are like me, you have told yourself that you are going to do something and you never follow through with it.  This happens a lot and we become good at letting ourselves get off the hook with little or no consequences towards our lack of follow through.

This is why I tell my clients who join my Fit Fun Bootcamp or Fit Moms For Life DVDs, to go around and tell EVERYONE who will listen to you about the new program that you started and the specific goals you have made for yourself.  We don’t like to let those around us down, so once we tell others we are going to do it, there is some accountability that happens.

I recently received an email from a bootcamper who in the past year has undergone an unbelievable transformation and created a system for staying accountable for reaching her goals.  She goes to my bootcamp as well as Abby’s bootcamp.

Here was her email:

Summer commitments: A mini personal biggest loser of sorts.

I make a contract between myself and you.

1. I will be at bootcamp every Tuesday and Friday- Other than 4/23 and 5/21-days of which I have to go home to help my parents. I owe Abby $20 for each Tues/Fri that I do not attend other than the above 2 dates.

2. I am going to try to go to Ryan’s Mon/Thurs evening class, for each of these attended I will put $10 in a pot for myself to allow myself pedicure-or others treats for myself.

3. I will avoid injury, if I do become injured again-I still must show up at class, there is much to be learned by listening and observing.

4. I will pay Abby a weekly fee of $20, or whatever she feels appropriate for “weights and measures.” I may not want to know the results, but I think scale, inches, and fat % do need to be done, as much as I hate them.

5. The hardest one yet-I will allow Abby pre and post summer pictures.

6. I will make this the most active summer yet, playing tennis at least twice a week.

7. Increase my interval running, weird how much I love to “run”, even though I am so bad at it-work with Abby on this, or some other more one on one type stuff.

8. Follow Doctor Pompa’s diet for weight resistant people, allowing for a cheat day on the first day of my period.

9. Keep working on positive attitude, and acceptance of self no matter what my size is.

There it is “coach”- my plan of action for the summer.