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Thank you everyone for your submissions to the contest I just ran, we had 47 entries.  There were so many great reasons you shared with everyone to how you would benefit from the Buns Guns Back and Shoulders DVDs that will be coming out tomorrow June 15th at 9 AM.  It was such a hard choice to pick a winner so what I did was narrow it down to the top 20 and then had the computer randomly generate two different numbers.  I then counted down the list of the top 20 to find the one that corresponded to the number.  I figured this would be the most fair way.  The two that were selected are…

Cassy Van Dyke:

“This DVD program would help me to meet my goals of retoning my body after having my second daughter. Health and fitness are one of my first and foremost values. If my health is compromised, it also compromises my ability to be a good mom to my children, to be a good wife to my husband, and to be a strong professional. By reaching my health goals, I am able to better serve my family and community. After having my two daughters, it is important to me to get back in shape not only for my own health, but also so that I can give back to my family and serve as a role model for my daughters.”



“Hi Dustin,
Since starting Mamatone 5 months ago, I have become a different person both inside and out! Before I would dread going to the gym, and now I look forward to it! I wish I had the time and money to go to class everyday, but that just isn’t possible. I have all the equipment at home to workout, I just struggle with remembering what I should be doing and for how long. I don’t give myself nearly the workout you do at class. I would love to win these DVD’s so you could continue to kick my butt at home like you do in class! I have also been struggling getting my husband to back me up on this journey, and lead a healthier lifestyle himself. I am hoping if I have these DVDs at home, I can convince him to do them with me. Then he could see just how strong I’ve become, and see the benefits of your programs. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

Cassy if you could email me and give me your mailing address I will get the 4 DVDs out to you

Congratulations to everyone for entering and those who didn’t enter but wanted to.  Click here to read all of the 47 entries.

FAQ: Buns Guns Back and Shoulders

What if I have bad knees? This is a perfect program for you, because there are 8 upperbody workouts that don’t even involve legs at all.  You can also watch the 4 lowerbody workouts and pick the exercises that feel good on your knees.

How would I incorporate these with my Fit Moms For Life DVDs? There are two main ways I would incorporate them.  If you do the whole FMFL DVD 3X/week I would pick out the body part area that you really want to focus on and do that one two days per week on days you aren’t doing the FMFL.  If you break the FMFL up into two different workouts and do that 5-6 days per week, I would add these new workouts at the end of your strength training on the days you do the FMFL DVDs.

What equipment do I need? All you need is a couple sets of dumbells ranging from 10-25 lbs and a bench or step to step on to.

How long are the workouts? The shortest workouts are the arm workouts and they last about 8 intense minutes.  The leg and butt workouts are between 16-18 minutes long.

What makes these workouts different than any other DVDs or workouts you have done? These workouts are body part specific so we spend much more time on individual body part to give them a little extra love.  We do back to back to back to back to back to back to back exercises that hit the same area, but from different angles and resistance levels.  That is why they are intense but very short.

I am in my 60’s, would these workouts be appropriate for me? Absolutely.  These exercises are pretty easy to do, you might just want to take it easy starting out and instead of going through the workout two times like on the DVDs, you just go through it once.  Some of the lower body exercises you can modify to decrease the impact on your joints.

Are these workouts good for men? This type of training is some of my favorite workouts for working my arms, shoulders and back.  Men will see great gains in muscle definition and strength.  The type of arms a woman wants to grab on to for support 🙂

Do you have any questions about the DVDs?