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Body Part Training

By June 9, 2010 17 Comments

Hey everyone.  This coming week I am going to be focusing on a topic that I get lots of questions about: exercise program design and body part training programs.  Body part training is where a person does exercises for only 1 or 2 muscle groups and does a large volume of exercises for that specific area.  This is the type of program that bodybuilders and fitness model

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competitors generally do.  If you are part of my Fit Moms For Life DVDs, Fit Fun Bootcamp, or Mamatone, you will know that I believe in total body weight training, meaning total body strength training 3 times a week.  On the other hand, body part training refers to working one area, like the chest and triceps, for the whole workout.  There are definitely pros and cons to both.  Let me go over them.

Pros of total body training:

-highest amount of calorie burn

-very time efficient workouts

-work multiple muscle groups in one exercise

Cons of total body training:

-can’t focus a lot of attention on specific areas

-don’t have enough energy to train 100% effort in any one given area of the body

-requires a higher level of fitness starting out

I have come to realize that a combination of both types of programs is the best for total body fitness, muscle tone and look.  Each have their place and should be used.  Only doing body part training is quite time consuming because you have to workout 6 days a week, but each muscle group generally only gets worked 1 time, maybe two at the most.

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So where do I see the role of body part training?

Everyone has certain areas that they want to focus on. I believe the best is to add a few exercises at the end of the total body workout that hits the body parts you want to see changed the most.

For example, if you are doing the Fit Moms For Life DVDs, do the 30 minute strength training and then, if you really want to tone your butt, do 2-4 additional exercises back to back that target the butt region.  Another option would be on an off day or maybe on the weekend, spend 15 minutes doing exercises that hit just one body part or region of the body that is bothering you.  For me, I want my chest to be bigger (I bet I am not the only one 🙂 ) and my shoulders to be broader.  So I would pick specific exercises that assist in getting me to my goals.

In the next couple of days I will be going much deeper into the topic and then next Tuesday I will be releasing my brand new workout DVD program that is going to assist you in toning the specific regions of your body that are bothering you.  I am very excited to share this with you!

In the meantime… Please comment in the section below if you have questions about body part training.  I will be on frequently answering your questions.