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What Would You Tell This Stressed Out Mom?

By May 5, 2010 13 Comments

I have been getting a lot of emails and questions asking if I have video of me speaking to the 350 plus personal trainers in California this past weekend.  I was able to make a quick little video for you.  The take away message is do something this week that puts you out of your comfort level.  The biggest growth I have seen in my life has been when I have been out of my comfort level the most.

This blog and the various programs I offer give me a platform to help a large amount of people, and I don’t take that for granted or lightly.  Even though this site is for helping you get into the best shape of your life by proper exercise, food, and mindset, it goes much further than that.  I want to help bring change and help individuals who are going through challenging times.

In this next video I will introduce you to a mom named Charlotte.  If you live in Southern, WI you definitely recognize her from the morning show on CBS.  I had the privilege of sitting down with her at her house as she shares intimate parts of her life and the struggles off camera.  Be sure to watch until the end with some cute footage of her kids.

Charlotte has come to MamaTone some and also does the Fit Moms For Life DVDs, but it is extremely tough to get help to watch her children with special needs.  It becomes a catch 22 because when she was coming to class she began to feel amazing, her body was changing and her energy was better, but then her son’s issues became worse and she had trouble attending consistently.

What would you say to her?

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