Working Out With Others Improves Performance

By May 3, 2010 8 Comments

group-personal-trainingA recent study came out to show confirm a phenomenon that I already knew to be a fact, but it was great that it was backed up by science.

I have seen it hundreds of times with my clients and with myself in my own workouts that everyone works out much harder and intensely when you are surrounded with others who are also working out.  The energy feeds off of each other and the competitive side of people come out.

This is why you see professional sports teams workout together, and why the Olympian’s have a facility in Colorado Springs where they live and train together.

If you are the type who likes research studies check this out:

“The University of Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology studied their rowing team and found that the rowers’ pain threshold-measured by endorphin levels in the brain-was steadily twice as high after exercising in a group than after exercising alone even with the same intensity. Researchers suspected that shared goals, like winning and endeavoring to row together in synch pushed that endorphin button.”

-BTC Beat v 6: February 2010

grouptrainingThey are all there wanting to achieve the same goal, for my clients and bootcampers, the goal is a fitter and healthier body.  They are trying to achieve higher energy levels, and an increase in performance in whatever physical activities they are trying to achieve.

“In 2007 Ohio State University study reported that group exercise programs improved the physical and psychological well being of women being treated for early-stage breast cancer.”

-BTC Beat v 6: February 2010

The benefits of exercise have been widely reported in increases in energy and self esteem, and a decrease in depression and anxiety.

So what does this mean for you?  I highly recommend that you find a workout buddy, or many workout partners or groups.  The larger the group the more energy and intensity it can bring to the workouts, and the more FUN you will have.

grouptraining2If you are part of my Fit Fun Bootcamps or MamaTone you already experience this.  If you are part of my Fit Moms For Life DVDs, I highly encourage you to round up a couple of your girlfriends (or a husband) and commit to working out 2-4 times a week in someone’s living room or basement.  I have received some awesome emails of stories about neighborhood moms coming together later in the evening after their kids are sleeping and doing the Fit Moms For Life DVDs together.

However, or where ever you are able to workout, try to  include groups at least part of the time.  It will increase motivation and should produce even better results!

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Question!?  Do you enjoy working out in groups?  If so, what are the biggest benefits?