Eat Real Food and Stand up for Your Rights NOW!!!

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Eat Real Food! This is the advice that I give my clients and that many holistic health practitioners give.  Even though this is common sense to most, there are many books, and even some dietitians, promoting foods that have not been around very long.  When we think about the food we eat, we should remember two simple rules:

1. Do not eat a food if you do not know what the ingredients are.

2. Do not eat the food if it was not around 100 years ago.

    Following these 2 simple rules will help you know what you should be putting into your body on a daily basis.  If you look, most foods in the grocery store are filled with processed ingredients that you cannot even pronounce.  These foods are not what I want to put in my body.

    Even though this information is common sense, the governing agencies (American Dietetic Association) that are in charge of recommending what American’s are supposed to eat on daily basis are sponsored by the very companies that produce the food that is making us sick.  These “Eat Right” sponsors include, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Abbot, Mars Incorporated, Kellogg, and more.  This is the reason I jokingly say that “when people follow the food pyramid they end up looking like a food pyramid.”

    The reason I bring this topic up is the fact that in the state of WI, there is currently legislation that would prevent many non-dietitian practitioners from providing specific nutritional advice.  This means that the type of nutrition information that you receive would be influenced by the companies listed above.  I know that I want a choice to go to whomever I want for nutritional care services.  That is why I followed this link to take action.  There are only a couple days left in session and if the current bill were to hit the floor and pass both the assembly and the senate, thousand’s of practitioners in the state of WI, would lose their businesses, including Tracie Hittman who has contributed many articles to this blog.

    If we do not speak up, we will lose our chance to choose who gives nutrition advice in the state of the WI.

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