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Are You Ready For a Movement? I Need Your Help!

By April 4, 2010 29 Comments

This might be one of the most exciting blog posts that I have written!  I wasn’t planning on sharing this for a couple more months, but my passion and excitement for it cannot be contained any longer and I must share with you what it is.

I have mentioned before, that my goal once I graduated from college just over 3 years ago was to help transform the lives of 1 million moms.  When I made this goal it seemed very daunting and I believed it  would take my whole adult life to achieve.  But I have spent the past 3 years investing in my education and knowledge and with the power of technology and the passion of people like you, I am very confident that this goal will be attained by the end of 2015, if not sooner.

In the upcoming months I will be unveiling my plan of how I believe this will occur and how each of you will play an integral role, but for now I would like to share with you the big vision.  I see thousands of small grassroot groups of moms popping up around the world who follow my Fit Moms For Life Program and are there to support each other to achieve the unthinkable.  I want to take the same powerful community that I have help form locally in Madison and bring it to every community in America and around the world.  I don’t see this being done by franchising and fancy, expensive certifications, but rather by ordinary moms who happen to be very  passionate about  my vision and who take the lead to form their own Fit Moms For Life groups in their communities.  As word spreads, so will the number of groups and the amount of positive change we can achieve.

I will be the visionary and help provide the guidance and resources, but then you become the mouthpiece and the one who is able to help transform the lives of other moms, just like you have been transformed.  Like I said, in the next couple of months I will be sharing more specifics with you on how this will be done, but for now, you can continue to talk about the vision and get as many moms as you can receiving the Fit Moms For Life DVDs as well as getting them on this blog/community to help them see the vision more clearly.

I have been working hard at creating the vision and purpose statement.  I need your help: please comment in the box at the bottom of the page with which points you really like, which ones you disagree with, or what should be added.

I hope you can see by the mission statements, this goes SO far beyond working out and eating healthy; it is a complete lifestyle and mindshift change. 

I feel like I HAVE to do this because: 

I am SICK of seeing moms come to me worn down

I am SICK of seeing moms who lack all self-confidence

I am SICK seeing moms feel like their lives are spinning out of control

I am SICK of seeing moms have to go through specific struggles alone when there are others right next door, at their jobs, in their communities who are also struggling alone with the same issues

I am SICK of seeing moms struggle with body issues and eating disorders

I am SICK of seeing moms feel like there is no hope   

So here are some of my ideas for this community

Brand/community name: Fit Moms For Life

Slogan: Real Moms, Real Results, Real Community

Possible mission statement/creed:

-I put myself first

-I  actively seek out others who are going to help make me a healthier person

-I look for others who are struggling to become healthy and invite them into my support system

-I take the time to become educated about the foods I put into my body and then pass that on to my kids

-I set aside time each day just for myself to recharge my batteries so I can serve others better

-I overcome the notion that I must be average; it robs me of my chance to be extraordinary and leads me to the mediocre

-I look at things from only an optimistic point of view and find the good in everything

-I don’t settle for anything but the best in my life in all areas

-I distance myself from as many of the negative influences that surround me as possible

-I strengthen my physical body by doing intense resistance training at least 3 times per week

-I physically push my body past where it wants to go in order to achieve the unthinkable

-I passionately share my story and my knowledge with anyone who will listen

-I see the world from an “anything is possible” attitude instead of the “nothing is possible” attitude

Can I count on you to help?  What statments should I add to this?  What should I take out?  Any other comments and advice you can give?  Please share below.  It is your input that is going to make this happen!